Optimize marketing performance
using Attribution modeling

EasyInsights makes it easy for marketing teams to understand how their digital marketing dollars are being spent by tracking and attributing every transaction to the correct channel.

Easy to use, Automatically refreshed, Zero Coding required

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Attribution models can help you decode the chain of events that lead to a sale. We are not only able to customize the attribution model to your business but also able to provide you the first-click attribution model with the lookback window of up to 1 year. You can identify patterns and optimize your strategy to allocate resources more effectively by analyzing data on customer interactions with marketing touchpoints.


Why businesses choose EasyInsights for their growth

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"I love this product.
What a lifesaver!"

Marketing at Mamaearth
Read how MamaEarth improved performance using real-time stitched data.

"You can do little
without data."

Digital Lead, GoodEarth
Read how GoodEarth improved performance using real-time stitched data.

"Why have I not heard
about this before?"

Co-founder, Edureka
Read how Edureka improved performance using real-time stitched data.
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EasyInsights is used by marketers from the world's leading companies

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Know how EasyInsights have helped e-commerce brands.

Why do businesses prefer us?

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Simple and intuitive UI

With an intuitive UI that has been designed to boost agent productivity, EasyInsights makes it easy for your team to provide support with no distractions.

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Easy to set up

EasyInsights' intuitive onboarding process allows your team to continue supporting your customers without requiring excessive hand-holding.

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Transparent pricing

EasyInsights' free plan does not come with any hidden charges or under-the-belt add-ons. You can just sign up, get your team on board, and start supporting your customers.