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Business generating over $1m online? Get an in-depth walk-through on how to make use of your ‘CRM+Marketing’ data to drive growth.

How it Works?

Connect Data sources
Connect your store, analytics and ad data sources with single-click sign on.
Select KPIs and dimensions
Customised cross-platform metrics and dimensions can be created as well.
Get insightful report
Take data decisions quicker with reports on Google sheets or consume it from your mailbox.

Product Features

Get data from multiple data sources into sheets

Access cross-platform custom dimensions

Get scheduled data snippets in mailbox

Audit your SEO, SEM, GDN, Youtube, Social, Website Performance, etc., to uncover actionable insights for your digital marketing teams

Key pains we solve for you

We help build foundation and make your digital marketing teams truly data-driven in all the analyses

Data Tracking and Sanctity

Integrate full-funnel GA/GTM/MMP event-pixels on the website &/ app to ensure all important user behaviours being tracked and collected with utmost data sanctity.

Data Integrations and Attribution

Centralize and harmonize all data in silos along with custom attriution modelling that gives you a full-funnel picture of which ads and sources drive leads, Add-to-carts, Customers, Repeat-buying, High LTV, etc.

Automating reports and dashboards for different stakeholders

Ship your cleaned data to any destination. For example, connect with our own G-sheet add-on or Tableau or Data Studio & build all your dashboards and BI personalized for the CEO, CMO, Digital Leads.

Building system for alerts

This like a automatic alert when something unusual happens in your data or something important has happened in your business. Be informed that your KPIs are crossing your guard rails so that you take proactive measures.

In-house Team Training

Empowers the in-house marketing executives to be laser focused on revenue generation and profitability by automating tedious reporting tasks and by training fastest ways to generate insights.

Deep Growth Analyses and Prescriptions

Get all key reports delivered to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly. How about having someone who keeps a third eye constantly, apply statistical modelling, prescribes you hacks and actionable insights for your digital growth every month, etc.

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