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A robust Custom Attribution Model to track campaign level performance with respect to actual ROI.



Increase in Revenue


scale in spends



  • Edureka is a global e-learning platform for live, instructor-led training in trending technologies.
  • Their technology stack consists of Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Science, Business Intelligence, etc.
  • Edureka has maintained a library of more than 100 courses, catering to learners from 100+ countries worldwide.


  • Just the last-click data was not showing the right picture. Requisite attribution modelling wasn’t being used.
  • No clear visibility to track campaign / adgroup / keyword level performance with respect to actual ROI.


  • Allocating budgets to various campaigns which were dedicated to new acquisition campaigns bringing new users, data stitching was a necessity. This hurdle was achieved by
  • Through email alerts from, budget shuffling was ensured to maximize the optimisation of good campaigns.
  • A requisite custom attribution model helped to acquire more customers at the same cost.



As a final outcome Edureka could easily monitor how credit for conversions should be distributed to different touch points in a conversion path which resulted in lifting revenue by 2.4x by scaling the spend by 2x.


Discovered a tool which can easily intensify the customer acquired.

"ET Medialabs have been a great growth partner. Using their tools and technologies we were able to scale up the performance of our paid channels by 240%, in a cost effective manner. Custom attribution model developed by them was the much needed solution for us to take quick actions to keep our spends at optimal levels.”

-Kapil Tyagi
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer | Edureka

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