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Get rid of Export-hell

EasyInsights collects and normalises data from all common data sources used by marketers. It allows you to see all of your data in one location and provide meaningful insights. Free yourself from routine data export tasks and use the time to develop your strategies.

Long term historical data at fingertips

EasyInsights adds data from last two years to your BI dashboards for more in-depth research. It lets you Identify seasonal trends and make data-driven decisions by digging deeper into your data. Never lose sight of crucial conclusions that can be drawn from past data.

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Cross platform - Interconnected data

EasyInsights helps you to combine and group data from various sources. It assists you in making well-informed decisions based on comparable data and provides in-depth analysis and answers to topics that appear to be too abstract to be answered otherwise.

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Send your data anywhere

With EasyInsights, you can send data to any BI tool in a few clicks. The ability to deliver data to any location allows you to work at your leisure. Create reports and dashboards in any location you prefer, whether it's Google Data Studio, Tableau or Google Sheets.

Secure and Reliable

Your Data security and reliability is our top most priority. EasyInsights is absolutely secure and trustworthy because it uses a standard cloud-based solution and a fully automated system. There is no human intervention in the entire process.

Business ready data at ease

Analyse and achieve your marketing goals. EasyInsights gives you access to clean, accurate, and granular data from all of your connected data sources. It allows you to quickly generate dashboards that are ready for analysis.

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Lets us enable better analytics to take data
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Why businesses prefer us?
robust consistent and error-free
Robust, Consistent & Error-Free

Say goodbye to fractured APIs and fragmented dashboards with our data connectors. Our data connectors seamlessly integrate with an extensive range of marketing platforms, and we also build connections to other data sources on request.

unparallel support system
Unparallel Support System

Our support team stands by you, regardless of your subscription plan. We're here to ensure you maximize the potential of your data.

lifetime decicated dat warehouse
Lifetime Dedicated Data Warehouse

EasyInisghts adeptly collects lifetime data and safeguards it for you. This entails not only worry-free transitions across your data warehouse but also ensures seamless navigation through your entire marketing data landscape.

simple and intuitive ui
Simple and Intuitive UI

With an intuitive UI that has been designed to boost agent productivity, EasyInsights makes it easy for your team to provide support with no distractions.

easy to set up
Easy to Set Up

It increases accessibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. This promotes inclusivity, reduces downtime, and increases productivity.

transparent pricing
Transparent Pricing

EasyInsights' free plan does not come with any hidden charges or under-the-belt add-ons. You can just sign up, get your team on board, and start supporting your customers.

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