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Let's boost your ROI. CAPI helps you connect all your server data to ad platforms in a direct and reliable manner, reducing cost per action (CPA), optimising campaigns at the latter stage of the customer's journey and arresting the effects of data loss through the browser - pixel tracking.

Conversion API

CAPI : The Future of Analytics

future analytics illusration future analytics illusration

The focus on the user's privacy has become the focal point in recent days. The most terrifying thing a marketer can face is the loss of data through browser - pixel tracking due to dynamically changing privacy policies.

The end of the digital tracking era is approaching, and conversion API can help us glimpse the light so that you can make your digital efforts successful. It's time to embrace the CAPI along with the pixel based tracking to boost your ROI.

CAPI Implementation

Conversion API

Scale your digital efforts with CAPI

Improved data measurement

CAPI enables the facility to make your backend data as the ultimate source of truth.

Better cost per result

CAPI is less affected by cookie-less tracking and provides a better signal to ad platform algorithms, resulting in a better result.

Leveraging First Party Data

CAPI provides an alternative route leveraging first part data and keeping your campaigns performance intact.

Increased Data Control

CAPI allows you to choose the time and the parameters you wants to send to the ad platforms.

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"EasyInsights has been a game-changer for our marketing strategy. By utilizing its last non-direct attribution model, we've been able to optimize our budget in real-time, resulting in significant savings. EasyInsights helped us to make data-driven decisions that directly impact our bottom line."



Marketing at Mamaearth

Read how Mamaearth increased its revenue by 5x and reduced CAC by 15% using realtime attribution model.

"By offering comprehensive visibility across multiple platforms, EasyInsights enabled us to make data-driven decisions with precision. Implementing their FC attribution model was a game-changer, allowing us to optimize our marketing spend effectively. As a result, we not only witnessed a remarkable increase in revenue but also achieved significant reductions in our customer acquisition costs."



Digital Lead, GoodEarth

Read how Good Earth reduced CAC by 40% using unified cross-platform analytics.

"With their innovative lead scoring and custom attribution models, we've been able to optimize our resources like never before. By accurately pinpointing the most promising leads and understanding the true impact of each marketing channel, we've maximized our efficiency and achieved remarkable results. EasyInsights is not just a tool; it's a game-changer for any brand looking to elevate their marketing strategy to the next level."



Co-founder, Edureka

Read how Edureka used EasyInsights to increase its revenue by 2.4x at a scale of 2x using custom attribution model

" Previously, we were entirely reactive, relying solely on delayed manual reports. Thanks to EasyInsights, we've become proactive, now able to anticipate future trends with confidence."



Digital Manager, FMCG

Read how a leading FMCG brand used EasyInsights to improve performance using real-time blended data

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Robust, Consistent & Error-Free

Say goodbye to fractured APIs and fragmented dashboards with our data connectors. Our data connectors seamlessly integrate with an extensive range of marketing platforms, and we also build connections to other data sources on request.

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Unparallel Support System

Our support team stands by you, regardless of your subscription plan. We're here to ensure you maximize the potential of your data.

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Lifetime Dedicated Data Warehouse

EasyInisghts adeptly collects lifetime data and safeguards it for you. This entails not only worry-free transitions across your data warehouse but also ensures seamless navigation through your entire marketing data landscape.

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Simple and Intuitive UI

With an intuitive UI that has been designed to boost agent productivity, EasyInsights makes it easy for your team to provide support with no distractions.

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Easy to Set Up

It increases accessibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. This promotes inclusivity, reduces downtime, and increases productivity.

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EasyInsights' free plan does not come with any hidden charges or under-the-belt add-ons. You can just sign up, get your team on board, and start supporting your customers.