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Game-Changing Attribution Model your Business can't afford to miss!

Uncover every touchpoint, from first touch to closed won. Connect your ads, website, and CRM to create accurate customer journeys. Identify which content, channels, and efforts generate revenue and refine your strategy accordingly.

Keep revenue at the core of your marketing

attribution model

We draw learnings from our Experience of activating first party data for more than 500 brands like


Future-Proof Attribution

future proof attribution

Uncover Customer Journeys Even Without Cookies

We track first-party data through EasyInsights pixel's server side tracking, giving you a complete picture of the customer journey - even as third-party cookies crumble. Build a future-proof marketing strategy with attribution that works, no matter what the cookie landscape throws your way.

future proof attribution
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robust consistent and error-free
Inefficient Budget Allocation

Discover the secrets to channel your marketing budget where it truly matters. Our accurate attribution models ensure your resources are invested wisely, driving results that matter.

unparallel support system
Inaccurate ROI Measurement

Don't leave your ROI to chance. With our precise attribution insights, you'll have the power to measure your return on investment with unparalleled accuracy.

simple and intuitive ui
Incomplete Customer Journey Understanding

Identify patterns and optimize your strategy to allocate resources more effectively by analyzing data on customer interactions with marketing touchpoints.

easy to set up
Incomplete understanding of the chain of events

Gain the upper hand by understanding your customers' journey like never before. Our attribution data provides a complete view of your customers' interactions, allowing you to guide them seamlessly through the sales funnel.

A few use cases


Identifying First touch points to scale discovery campaigns at lower CAC


Realtime attribution to avoid ad wastages especially during flash sales


Analysing customers cohorts' LTV based on the First click channels that helped in their discovery


Identifying Last Non Direct touch points to optimise retargeting campaigns


Identifying the impact of online ads on offline purchases

beyond data

Attributing data beyond 7 days limitaion for IoS and Safari users

Save money and scale what works for you

Elevate Your Marketing:

Understand Your Users Better Take the first step toward a smarter marketing strategy, enhanced customer insights, and long-term impact.

How it works...


1. Collect Visitors visits, touchpoints and activities

Anonymous users access your website. Using EasyInsights pixels' server side tracking, you can track each visitor's first-party data throughout many sessions, as well as marketing attributes such as source, channel, campaign, and keywords.


2. Match sales with users

Anonymous users access your website. Using EasyInsights pixels' server side tracking, you can track each visitor's first-party data throughout many sessions, as well as marketing attributes such as source, channel, campaign, and keywords.


3. Close the loop

Attribute your revenue correctly to the channels, campaigns, adsets or ads with 100% accuracy based on the chosen attribution model. Send the attributed data to any of your martech tools. Analyse data effortlessly with our prebuilt templates.


Know what converts

Optimize your marketing spend

Marketing attribution is the only way to prove exactly where your sales came from. EasyInsights allows you to track the whole customer journey and have a better understanding of the every touchpoints.

Real Stories of Success and Satisfaction

Testimonials that Define Our Commitment to Excellence

"EasyInsights has been a game-changer for our marketing strategy. By utilizing its last non-direct attribution model, we've been able to optimize our budget in real-time, resulting in significant savings. EasyInsights helped us to make data-driven decisions that directly impact our bottom line."



Marketing at Mamaearth

Read how Mamaearth increased its revenue by 5x and reduced CAC by 15% using realtime attribution model.

"By offering comprehensive visibility across multiple platforms, EasyInsights enabled us to make data-driven decisions with precision. Implementing their FC attribution model was a game-changer, allowing us to optimize our marketing spend effectively. As a result, we not only witnessed a remarkable increase in revenue but also achieved significant reductions in our customer acquisition costs."



Digital Lead, GoodEarth

Read how Good Earth reduced CAC by 40% using unified cross-platform analytics.

"With their innovative lead scoring and custom attribution models, we've been able to optimize our resources like never before. By accurately pinpointing the most promising leads and understanding the true impact of each marketing channel, we've maximized our efficiency and achieved remarkable results. EasyInsights is not just a tool; it's a game-changer for any brand looking to elevate their marketing strategy to the next level."



Co-founder, Edureka

Read how Edureka used EasyInsights to increase its revenue by 2.4x at a scale of 2x using custom attribution model

" Previously, we were entirely reactive, relying solely on delayed manual reports. Thanks to EasyInsights, we've become proactive, now able to anticipate future trends with confidence."



Digital Manager, FMCG

Read how a leading FMCG brand used EasyInsights to improve performance using real-time blended data