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Achieve 40% higher
client retention rate

Retain more clients by offering white-labelled automated reports and dashboards Retain more clients by Plug & Play, Fully Managed Marketing Data Warehouse



Leverage all of your customer data



Warehouse-first approach to activate data for any business need



No dependancy on data engineers. No code setup for data driven marketers

Use EasyInsights - A solution
designed for Agencies

In minutes, you can automate your clients reports. Create customizable dashboards and
reports that bring all of your clients' data together under one umbrella. Draw actionable
insights from analysis-ready data with a few clicks in a single place

Leverage data
efficiency with
our end to end

Get rid of Export-Hell

EasyInsights collects and normalizes data from all of the common data sources used by marketers. It allows you to see all of your data in one location and provide meaningful insights. Free yourself from routine data export tasks and use the time to develop your strategies.

Cross Platform - Interconnected data

EasyInsights helps you to combine and group data from various sources. It assists you in making well-informed decisions based on comparable data and provides in-depth analysis and answers to topics that appear to be too abstract to be answered otherwise.

Business Ready data at ease

Business Ready data at ease: EasyInsights gives you access to clean, accurate, and granular data from all of your connected data sources, and allows you to quickly generate dashboards in any Business Intelligence tool of your choice like Tableau, Google Data Studio, etc.

Secure and Reliable

Your Data security and reliability are our top most priority. EasyInsights is absolutely secure and trustworthy because it uses a standard cloud-based solution and a fully automated system. There is no human intervention in the entire process.

Client Retention
and Satisfaction

See how an agency increased client
retention by 40%

White label Solution

White label solutions provide numerous advantages for you, including flexibility, expertise, and revenue. Use EasyInsights' products, services, and expertise in conjunction with your logo to increase your revenue significantly.

Consistent, Error-Free and Robust

Automation eliminates data variations, inconsistencies and error. This gives you uniformity to deliver easy dashboards with great visuals that are clear and uncluttered. EasyInsights' ability to improve data accuracy boosts client retention and satisfaction notably.

Data at your clients' favourite tool

Automate your data push to your clients' preferred BI tool. Simply select the data sources and columns you want, then in two minutes create the data flow. Minimise your clients efforts, and maximise your client retention rate.

Professional Outlook

Set up EasyInsights for one client, and enable plug-in and play solutions for the others. Simply add data sources and you'll have your first set of reports and dashboards delivered to your client in no time. This increases client trust and gets stronger client retention.

Manage 2X clients
with the same

Spend more time thinking about strategy
and less time doing mundane activities.

Client Command Center - bird's-eye view

From the comfort of your Command Center, you can get an accurate bird's-eye view of your agency's performance.When you have all of your clients' data in one location, it is much easier to build roll-up reports for internal tracking.

Insightful reports in your clients mailbox

For agency marketers, reporting may be a major time drain. Automate reports directly in your clients mailbox. Monitor your entire marketing efforts, and see how your efforts are drilling down into your end objective in real-time.

Customisation in a flash

Dashboards builds on EasyInsights are intended to present data in a way that allows easy customisation, and extraction of key insights. The goal is to have near real-time visibility into how well your marketing efforts are performing by slicing and dicing your data on the fingertip.

Easy to Set up and Intuitive UI

EasyInsights' intuitive onboarding process allows your team to continue supporting your customers without requiring excessive hand-holding. With an intuitive UI that has been designed to boost marketers productivity, EasyInsights makes it easy for your team to DRIVE GROWTH in zero time.

Zero learning curve

With Google Sheet as a data destination(BI tool), your team can get started with Zero Learning Curve.Get your business ready data on Google Sheet, and start analysing and visualising data on most used super-intuitive tool.

New Revenue

Use our white labeled solutions to expand
your portfolio and generate more revenue

Expand your Marketing Solutions Portfolio

Build dashboards and reports with get visuals, and provide white labeled reporting and dashboarding services to your clients.

Expand your Tech-Service portfolio

Obtain a significant competitive advantage. By incorporating our marketing automation suite with your current services, you can increase your portfolio.

Co-Marketing Opportunities

Increase your use of collaborative marketing by co-sponsoring events, exchanging blog posts, and publishing white papers to inform customers and increase brand awareness.

Upgrade your marketing game
with cost-efficient analytics Marketing_EI_Heart Loved by agencies

Break free of excel-hell and daily export tasks

Long term business ready data at your fingertips

No more all day staring at screen. Alerts in your mail box.

Gain a full-funnel view of your campaigns and eliminate data silos.

Real time data availability at your favourite BI tool

All these at a fraction of cost

Insightful, actionable and
business ready data


Unify data across all marketing channels, analytics tools & CRM

We combine Ad costs & clicks, app analytics, website conversions and CRM data to get the complete picture of your marketing performance. This becomes the single source of truth for your entire digital marketing team.

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Transform your data with ease

Centralize and harmonize all data in silos that gives you a full-funnel picture of your marketing. Laser focus on revenue generation and profitability by automating tedious data transformation tasks to generate insights.

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Visualise data on any BI tool

Ship your cleaned data to any destination. Easyinsights provide you the ability to pull, blend data from as many data sources as you need, and seamlessly push it automatically to your BI tool smoothly at the double.

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Real Stories of Success and Satisfaction

Testimonials that Define Our Commitment to Excellence

"EasyInsights has been a game-changer for our marketing strategy. By utilizing its last non-direct attribution model, we've been able to optimize our budget in real-time, resulting in significant savings. EasyInsights helped us to make data-driven decisions that directly impact our bottom line."



Marketing at Mamaearth

Read how Mamaearth increased its revenue by 5x and reduced CAC by 15% using realtime attribution model.

"By offering comprehensive visibility across multiple platforms, EasyInsights enabled us to make data-driven decisions with precision. Implementing their FC attribution model was a game-changer, allowing us to optimize our marketing spend effectively. As a result, we not only witnessed a remarkable increase in revenue but also achieved significant reductions in our customer acquisition costs."



Digital Lead, GoodEarth

Read how Good Earth reduced CAC by 40% using unified cross-platform analytics.

"With their innovative lead scoring and custom attribution models, we've been able to optimize our resources like never before. By accurately pinpointing the most promising leads and understanding the true impact of each marketing channel, we've maximized our efficiency and achieved remarkable results. EasyInsights is not just a tool; it's a game-changer for any brand looking to elevate their marketing strategy to the next level."



Co-founder, Edureka

Read how Edureka used EasyInsights to increase its revenue by 2.4x at a scale of 2x using custom attribution model

" Previously, we were entirely reactive, relying solely on delayed manual reports. Thanks to EasyInsights, we've become proactive, now able to anticipate future trends with confidence."



Digital Manager, FMCG

Read how a leading FMCG brand used EasyInsights to improve performance using real-time blended data

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