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Custom attribution models, Server to server integration, Automated
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A few key pains we solve for you

We help build foundation and make your digital marketing teams truly data-driven in all the analyses

Complete Solution for your Business Decisions

Pull and blend data from as many data sources as you need and automatically publish it to your BI tool on the fly with utmost sanctity. EasyInsights helps to speed up the dashboarding process that enables executives to act on time for any follow-up action or course correction to their marketing campaign and strategy.

Data Integrations and Attribution

Centralize and harmonize all data in silos along with custom attriution modelling that gives you a full-funnel picture of which ads and sources drive leads, Add-to-carts, Customers, Repeat-buying, High LTV, etc.

Deep Growth Analyses and Prescriptions

With full-funnel blended data, you can calculate metrics like acquisition and LTV and use those to distribute your advertising budgets to the best-performing advertising channels and campaigns. But it requires a deep understanding of marketing data and a good data engineering team to get error-free results. Easyinsights will help you unlocking the potential of your raw data.

Automating reports and dashboards for different stakeholders

EasyInsights enable the ability to showcase data in the most engaging, efficient and digestible way for CEOs, CMOs, Digital leads etc. You can create any dashboards swiftly with in a few minutes and free yourself from the excel-hell.

Building system for Monitoring and Optimising

Marketing can be a fickle activity, what work at a particular timeframe may not work on the very next moment. Monitoring and optimising are the keys to the successful campaigns. With EasyInsights, you can track your entire marketing campaigns in real time, and see how your efforts are drilling down into your end goal. It helps you recognize benchmarks that may need to be optimized and it saves you a lot of time and money.

In-house Team Training

Empowers the in-house marketing executives to be laser focused on revenue generation and profitability by automating tedious reporting tasks and by training fastest ways to generate insights.

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Want to free up more time to dive deeper into data with Attribution modeling and other data-enriching custom services like Server to Server Integration, Cohort Reports for strategic media planning, Automated Email Reports & any other data engineering requirements at a fraction of cost?