What is First Party Data & Why You Should Implement it Now!

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Game-Changing Attribution Model your Business can't afford to miss!

Uncover every touchpoint, from first touch to closed won. Connect your ads, website, and CRM to create accurate customer journeys. Identify which content, channels, and efforts generate revenue and refine your strategy accordingly.

Keep revenue at the core of your marketing

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Inefficient Budget Allocation

Discover the secrets to channel your marketing budget where it truly matters. Our accurate attribution models ensure your resources are invested wisely, driving results that matter.

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Inaccurate ROI Measurement

Don't leave your ROI to chance. With our precise attribution insights, you'll have the power to measure your return on investment with unparalleled accuracy.

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Incomplete Customer Journey Understanding

Identify patterns and optimize your strategy to allocate resources more effectively by analyzing data on customer interactions with marketing touchpoints.

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Incomplete understanding of the chain of events

Gain the upper hand by understanding your customers' journey like never before. Our attribution data provides a complete view of your customers' interactions, allowing you to guide them seamlessly through the sales funnel.

Save money and scale what works for you

Elevate Your Marketing:
Understand Your Users Better

Take the first step toward a smarter marketing strategy, enhanced
customer insights, and long-term impact.

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without easyinsightswith easyinsights

Unleash Explosive Revenue Growth with accurate attribution model

Connect your ads, website, and CRM to create accurate customer journeys. Identify which content, channels, and efforts generate revenue and refine your strategy accordingly. Keep revenue at the core of your marketing

Define Clear Objectives

Start by outlining your revenue-related objectives to guide your marketing strategy.

Select the Right Attribution Model

Choose an attribution model (e.g., first-touch, last-touch, linear) that aligns with your objectives.

Implement the Model

Configure your analytics tools to apply the selected attribution model for accurate revenue tracking.

Analyze and Optimize

Continuously monitor channel performance and leverage data-driven insights to optimize marketing efforts for maximum revenue impact.

Iterate and Communicate

Regularly refine your attribution model based on evolving trends and align your teams to ensure ongoing success.


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Testimonials that Define Our Commitment to Excellence


"EasyInsights has been a game-changer for our marketing strategy. By utilizing its last non-direct attribution model, we've been able to optimize our budget in real-time, resulting in significant savings. EasyInsights helped us to make data-driven decisions that directly impact our bottom line."


Marketing at Mamaearth


Read how Mamaearth increased its revenue by 5x and reduced CAC by 15% using realtime attribution model.

"By offering comprehensive visibility across multiple platforms, EasyInsights enabled us to make data-driven decisions with precision. Implementing their FC attribution model was a game-changer, allowing us to optimize our marketing spend effectively. As a result, we not only witnessed a remarkable increase in revenue but also achieved significant reductions in our customer acquisition costs."


Digital Lead, GoodEarth


Read how Good Earth reduced CAC by 40% using unified cross-platform analytics.

"With their innovative lead scoring and custom attribution models, we've been able to optimize our resources like never before. By accurately pinpointing the most promising leads and understanding the true impact of each marketing channel, we've maximized our efficiency and achieved remarkable results. EasyInsights is not just a tool; it's a game-changer for any brand looking to elevate their marketing strategy to the next level."


Co-founder, Edureka


Read how Edureka used EasyInsights to increase its revenue by 2.4x at a scale of 2x using custom attribution model

" Previously, we were entirely reactive, relying solely on delayed manual reports. Thanks to EasyInsights, we've become proactive, now able to anticipate future trends with confidence."


Digital Manager, FMCG


Read how a leading FMCG brand used EasyInsights to improve performance using real-time blended data

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