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How a cashback platform improved CTR of their retargeting campaigns by 96% through EasyInsights' Audience Builder & Customer 360 features



Improvement in CTR


Improvement in ROAS

Meet the Brand

The brand is a cashback platform that helps everyday people and businesses alike thrive in the real world. Since 2016, they've been on a mission to boost the purchasing power of millions, making sure they get the most out of their hard-earned money on the things they need. At the same time, they're lending a helping hand to thousands of local businesses, ensuring they see tangible results and success.

The Challenge

The brand had one major challenge - unifying its customer data.

Lack of Sync between the brand's CEP and Data Warehouse: In order to create a unified customer profile, it was important that the customer data stored in their data warehouse (Snowflake), could be used to enrich the communication data that was stored in its Customer Enagaement Platform (CEP), Iterable. Due to this break in their set-up, the brand couldn't tap into the CEP's audience building capabilities. thus, it was dissciult to implement complex marketing dstrategies like loyalty programmes

Problems faced in Optimising marketing Spend and customer workflows: Not having a clear picture of each customer (Customer 360 profile) across platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, Salesforce, and Zendesk was impeding their efforts to optimize ad expenses and streamline customer service processes.

The Solution with EasyInsights

EasyInsights was able to unify all their cistomer data, create an enriched Customer 360 profile, and provide the brand with a single source of truth that powered all their Customer engagements.

Streamlining Audience Building: After integrating EasyInsights, the brand saw a significant improvement in managing its audiences. Now, they could easily access all their customer data stored in Snowflake, turbocharging their CEPs capabilities. Marketers found it much simpler to create user audiences in one place, courtesy EasyInsights' real-time sync. This eliminated the need for manual uploads to platforms like Zendesk or Facebook, making their operations more efficient.

Launching a Loyalty Program : With a perfect sync established by Snowflake + EasyInsights + CEP combo, a solid foundation for creating targeted audience segments was built. Now the brand was in an apt position to launch their personalised campaigns, based on individual purchase behaviour. The CRM, powered by EasyInsights, was used to initiate this process

Over a month, this campaign triggered different messages across email, in-app notifications, and push notifications, guiding people through the cashback program. Users received regular updates and encouragement to reach their purchase goals. Upon reaching these goals, they were rewarded with loyalty incentives for the following month.

Exploring the different customer services workflows with their CEP:Utilizing the CEPs marketing automation features, the brand easily experimented with different versions of the loyalty program. The CRM used EasyInsights to sync essential behavioural data into the CEP, and thus managed complex messaging sequences. By testing three variations of the program and analysing over 100 message variations, they optimised its effectiveness. Leveraging Iterable's testing tools, they successfully improved the click-through rate (CTR) of email campaigns by 96% month-over-month.


Tailored Loyalty Program: Thanks to EasyInsights, the brand's team now has easy access to all their customer data in Snowflake. They can quickly sync this data to Iterable, empowering them to send personalised emails and run messaging experiments

Enhanced Audience Segmentation: With EasyInsights' Audience Builder on Snowflake, the marketing team gains access to robust audience segmentation capabilities. They can swiftly create and target new user segments using a user-friendly, no-code interface tailored for marketing teams.

Improved ROI: By harnessing first-party data, the brand can refine their ad targeting strategy by excluding existing users, thus ROAS. Plus, they can retarget lapsed users across various marketing channels.

Consistent Customer Experiences: By syncing data across internal tools, the brand ensures that every interaction feels seamless for customers. They provide complete context during customer interactions in Salesforce and improve support in Zendesk with both past and real-time data.

With EasyInsights
Data sync : through EasyInsights, the brand was able to create a real-time data sync between its Data warehouse, CRM and CEP. gthis created a unified customer profile
Reduction in Adc Wastages - By creatring a unified customer profile, the brand was able to trace the user's path in the customer journey. This meant the marketing teams could send more personalised campaign to increase ROI
Spearheading the Loyalty Programme: with its advanced audience segmentation, Easyinsights semalessly connected with the CRM and CEP to send hyper-personalised content to users, thereby increasing the CTR by 96%
Without EasyInsights
Incomplete Dat Integration : Customer data was fragmented across CRM, Warehouse and CEP. Bringing it together reqyuired lots of hours by the dat team, and on top of that, required constant maintenance
Sub-optimal ROAS - Because customer data was spread all over the place, it was diffciult to understand which user was at what poiint in their customer journey. Therefore, campaigns were sent en-masse to users leading to low ROAS
Poor Performance of Loyalty Programme - Due to a disjointed setup between the data warehouse, CEP and the CRM, the brand was unable to send targetted campoaigns to users. this meant, people were unable to utilise the benegfits of the Loyalty programme which lead to reduced user activity on the brand's platform