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How a SaaS video Messaging Platform, achieved seamless customer support by using EasyInsights' Reverse ETL feature



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Meet the Brand

The brand, established in 2015, is a leading video messaging software empowering users with efficient communication capabilities across various domains including professional environments, educational institutions, and more.

The Challenge

During their early data infrastructure development, the company lacked the proper tools to extract and utilize data from their warehouses. The team struggled to move transformed data from the warehouse to crucial platforms like Salesforce and Intercom due to limitations with Segment.

Manual Data Pipelines: Managing data flow from the warehouse required creating and maintaining custom pipelines, consuming valuable resources.

Zendesk Overload: A surge in customer support tickets (Zendesk) due to company growth demanded prioritization based on user plans, which Segment couldn't handle.

The Solution with EasyInsights

EasyInsights' versatile data transfer capabilities offered a perfect solution. It allowed seamless data flow between the warehouse and various destinations, including Zendesk.

Reduced Team Workload: EasyInsights simplified data delivery, eliminating the need for additional data team members.

Zendesk Tickets: EasyInsights enabled ticket prioritization based on user plans, improving support efficiency.


Leveraging DBT: The brand utilized their existing data transformation layer (DBT) with EasyInsights for a streamlined process.

EasyInsights Endpoints: Configuring platform-specific endpoints (e.g., Salesforce) allowed EasyInsights to efficiently utilize transformed data, minimizing engineering efforts.


Efficient Zendesk Management: EasyInsights empowered the company to prioritize tickets during user growth, ensuring timely support.

Reduced Team Size: Streamlined data delivery with EasyInsights minimized the need for additional data team members.

Centralized Data Management: EasyInsights centralized data operations, reducing maintenance overhead and boosting overall efficiency.

Benefir for Data Analysts: Data engineers can trim Braze API expenses and focus more on extracting value, rather than investing weeks in building and maintaining integrations.

With EasyInsights
Data Delivery: Seamless data flow from warehouse to CRM & ticketing systems
Zendesk Ticket Prioritization: Prioritize tickets based on user plans
Team Efficiency: Reduced need for additional data team members
Data Management: Centralized data management
Without EasyInsights
Complex custom data pipelines required
Limited prioritization capabilities
Time-consuming data management tasks
Increased maintenance overhead