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How WATI increased its conversions by 26%, & scaled its business by 2X through First Party Data Activation, Enrichment & Attribution

First Party Data Enrichment & Activation for the brand to scale their business while increasing its conversion rate



Business Scale


Increase in Conversion Rate

Meet the Brand

WATI is a WhatsApp Business API platform that automates marketing, sales, service and support. It helps businesses communicate with their customers through WhatsApp by using features like broadcast messages, chatbots and shared team inboxes. WATI helps businesses personalize communication and increase sales.

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The Challenge

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    Lead Prioritisation

    The sheer volume of the leads meant they had to immediately find a way to prioritise leads. If not done, they could lose out on valuable revenue.

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    Lack of Content Personalisation for Shopify Leads

    They wanted to add personalisation for all their leads that were active on Shopify. They are Shopify partners and therefore wanted to implement a highly personalised approach for all their Shopify leads to maximise conversions

  • 3

    Optimising Google and Meta Ads Campaign

    Optimising Google and Meta Ads Campaign: They also realised they could leverage the graded and vetted leads to optimise their Google Ads and Meta campaigns so as to maintain lead quality and conversion rate, as they optimized marketing ad spends

  • 4

    Accurate Mapping of Customer Journey

    WATI also wanted to map the Customer Journey so as to better focus their Marketing Efforts on channels that deliver results.

The Solution

WATI also wanted to optimise their ad spends, enhance conversion of Shopify leads through personalised content marketing, and get a complete picture of their customer journey

There were 3 solutions proposed by EasyInsights -

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    Accurate pixel tracking by EasyInsights for mapping customer journey

  • 2

    Optimising Google and Meta Ads Campaign

  • 3

    Lead Enrichment via third-party lead enrichment tool

The Implementation

understanding user journey

Google Tag Manager: EasyInsights flawlessly set up the brand's GTM from scratch as a step towards mapping their Customer Journey Automated Lead Enrichment on HubSpot: The UTMs associated with all leads were added directly to HubSpot by EasyInsights HubSpot Data Enrichment: EasyInsights connected a third-party lead enrichment tool and HubSpot seamlessly. Now all business email IDs on HubSpot were enriched in real-time Shopify visitor custom event to HubSpot: A new attribute was created to check if a lead had its business listed on Shopify. Lead Scoring: Leads were scored on the basis of the users behavioral data, and sent to the ad platforms for optimising the campaigns Tracking and Lead Enrichment: Lead's Demographic and device data is being added to HubSpot by EasyInsights Marketing Attribution: GCLID is being captured and sent back to [ton] the Google ads for attribution. Behavioural Data: User behavioural Data was pushed to HubSpot by EasyInsights as a part of data enrichment Calendly Integration: HubSpot was integrated with Calendly so that the Sales Team had an accurate understanding of the number of demos scheduled vs number of demos actually given.

The Result

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    Scaling the Business

    As the lead prioritisation was set up, other systems like ad campaign optimisation, contextual ad campaign targeting, the sales team approach, and retargeting campaigns were further refined.

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    HubSpot as the Marketing Data Warehouse

    No first party data activation platform or Composable CDP in the market offers what EasyInsights does - seamless integration of all your marketing, sales and analytics tools within the current marketing tech stack. Other Platforms specifically need that the Data Warehouse should act as the Marketing Data Warehouse, and from there they can send data to CRMs/Ad Platforms/Customer Engagement Platforms (CEPs), etc.. But EasyInsights breaks the mould - by literally having the ability to send data from anywhere to anywhere.

    Moreover, with Calendly Integration, the sales funnel was streamlined as now the Sales team had a complete view of the demos scheduled vs. demos given. The brand can now formulate its follow-up strategy accordingly

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    First party data enrichment of leads in real-time

    By connecting third-party lead enrichment tool with HubSpot, all leads were enriched in real-time by third-party lead enrichment tool. This process was automated. Depending on the parameters defined by the brand, the leads can now be filtered from highest priority to the lowest priority. Now the Sales Development Representatives can distribute the leads among themselves, and a more targeted approach can be deployed by the Sales Team to maximise conversions. An uptake of 26% in conversion was seen

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    Optimising Google Ads and Meta Marketing Campaigns

    After first party data enrichment, WATI was able to carry out lead segmentation based on lead quality, lead priority, demography, behaviour, etc.. Now the brand was able to use these segments to refine their retargeting campaigns, and use them for audience suppression as well. This greatly optimised their marketing efforts and yielded an ROAS of 40%. They were able to create better lookalike audiences to better target their audience.

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    Personalised Content Marketing Efforts for Shopify

    EasyInsights' First Party Data Enrichment was used to identify if an account/lead was listed on Shopify. EasyInsights then created a custom attribute on HubSpot that indicated if a business was listed on Shopify. This audience segment was sent a highly curated marketing content. Therefore there was an increase of 26% in conversion rate of Shopify leads

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    Accurately Mapping Customer Journey

    EasyInsights set-up GTM for the brand, tracked gclid and was able to accurately deliver all touchpoints of a customer as they interacted with the brand. WATI integrated EasyInsights' pixel to collect their users data via first party server side tracking. EasyInsights build the whole customer journey for WATI to understand the customers behaviour in comprehensive way.

With EasyInsights
The lead volume was effectively managed. Lead prioritisation helped Sales Development Representatives to segregate leads based on priority and personalise their outreach accordingly. The lead conversion rate increased by 26%
WATI was able to leverage its status as a Shopify partner to personalise their reach-out programme to businesses listed on Shopify. This again increased lead conversion
Increased ROAS was observed in Google Ads and Facebook Ads because after first party data enrichment, junk leads were removed (audience suppression), leading to refined ad signals. Moreover, better lookalike audiences can now be created
EasyInsights easily made sure that WATI's CRM, HubSpot, was now the Marketing Data Warehouse. All first party data enrichment and activation was carried out with HubSpot at the centre
Without EasyInsights
Important leads were frequently missed leading to crucial loss of revenue
With a huge number of leads, it was not possible for WATI to segregate Shopify businesses' leads and engage with them on a personalised level, leading to crucial sales loss
Ad Wastages were the norm - all leads without any check were uploaded as audiences for targeting and retargeting campaigns, leading to further generation of junk leads.
Other first party data activation platforms wanted to shift WATI to their way of thinking - by collating all their marketing data in a data warehouse. WATI didn't want that. It wanted HubSpot to be the Marketing Data Warehouse

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