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How an ayurveda brand decreased cost per acquisition by 25% using EasyInsights



decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA)

Meet the Brand

The brand is a newly founded Ayurveda company. They offer products focused on traditional Indian medicine and prioritize natural ingredients. This indicates they target health-conscious consumers interested in holistic wellness solutions.

The Challenge

1. Scaling business increases cost per acquisition significantly affecting business growth adversely

2. Increase the total number of online orders through the website or mobile apps.

3. Boost the total revenue generated by the online team.

4. Enhance the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) based on digital marketing investments.

5. Improve audience segmentation for enhanced personalization and increased advertising efficiency.

The Solution with EasyInsights

EasyInsights offered them two solutions:

1. Customer segmentation
2. Server to server integration

With EasyInsights, the brand successfully identified seven core customer segments using custom logic.

Examples include 'no_successful_order,' 'no_successful_order_only_rto,' 'potential_repeat_customer,' 'repeat_customers,' 'potential_dormant_customers,' 'dormant_0,' and 'dormant_1p.'

These segments, constructed directly from comprehensive customer data sources, were then shared with ad-tech partners through EasyInsights. This facilitated targeted marketing to the right audience at the right time with personalized messaging.


The brand gained visibility into customer groups likely to make purchases every 90 or 180 days, enhancing the effectiveness of Facebook and Google ad campaigns.

Additionally in second phase, Our Attribution model helped them in identifying

A. Facebook campaign results

1. 20% incremental increase on conversions for customer acquisition
2. 36% incremental increase on conversions for customer retention"

B. Google campaign results

1. 400% increase in ROAS
2. 50% decrease in customer acquisition cost (CAC) month on month"

With EasyInsights
High customer acquisition cost (CAC): Reaching new customers was expensive, hindering growth.
Limited audience segmentation: Broad targeting led to wasted ad spend and missed opportunities.
Unclear campaign performance: Difficulty attributing conversions to specific campaigns.
Fragmented data: Lack of centralized data hampered decision-making.
Without EasyInsights
25% decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA): More targeted campaigns yielded greater efficiency.
Increased online revenue: Personalized messaging drove conversions and boosted sales.
Enhanced ROAS: Investment in digital marketing yielded significant returns.
Improved audience segmentation: Targeted the right customers at the right time.

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