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How an edtech company achieved 6x Growth in ROAS at 1.4x scale in 6 months by creating a full funnel visibility of the marketing campaigns







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Meet the Brand

An ultimate english learning app platform designed for 3-12 years old - it provides busy parents with a ready, carefully curated collection of stories, language honing activities, monthly reading competitions, and daily positive news matched to their kids' reading levels.

The Challenge

Our client had a lot of problems, like inefficient budget allocation, ineffective targeting, and struggles with optimization. These issues mostly came as a consequence of data silos. Without a unified view, it was hard to know if their ads were working. It was like trying to finish a puzzle without all the pieces.

The Solution with EasyInsights

EasyInsights helped our client by providing them with a holistic view of their marketing funnel. This includes various sources such as ad platforms, analytics, CEPs, and CRM. This made it easier for them to make smart, data-driven decisions. They boosted their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by an incredible 6 times, all while achieving a 1.4X scale within a mere six months. The enhanced visibility and actionable insights provided by EasyInsights were pivotal for this success

With EasyInsights
Maximizing Your Ad Budget with EasyInsights: With EasyInsights, the brand fine-tuned its ad spending to focus on the most promising leads. Which meant their money went where it mattered the most, thus boosting the effectiveness of their campaigns and strategies.
Clear Picture of Your Marketing Journey: By bringing together data from Ad Platforms, Analytics, and CRM, EasyInsights provided a complete view of the brand's marketing journey from start to finish. This helped them in accurate audience targetting, making the brand's campaigns more effective overall.
Without EasyInsights
Inefficiency in Budget Allocation: Without a holistic view of campaign performance, the brand struggled to allocate resources optimally. This resulted in ad wastage and underperforming campaigns.
Creation of a Data Silos: Data from ads, analytics, and customer databases were kept apart. Therefore, there was a lack of a unified customer profile leading to ineffective targetting in marketing campaigns. As a result, it was difficult to optimise campaigns, and reign in the ROAS

Your Data, Your Way: Custom Models for Your Business

With EasyInsights, get on-request custom data models that suits your business. We can build any use case that can be powered by first party user data.