The Ultimate Guide to Reverse ETL

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How an edtech company achieved 6x Growth in ROAS at 1.4x scale in 6 months by creating a full funnel visibility of the marketing campaigns







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Meet the Brand

An ultimate english learning app platform designed for 3-12 years old - it provides busy parents with a ready, carefully curated collection of stories, language honing activities, monthly reading competitions, and daily positive news matched to their kids' reading levels.

The Challenge

The brand's challenges, including inefficient budget allocation, ineffective targeting, and optimization difficulties, stemmed from the presence of data silos. The lack of a unified data view hindered their ability to gain a clear picture of their marketing efforts.

The Solution with EasyInsights

EasyInsights seamlessly integrated data from ad platforms, analytics, and CRM, providing a comprehensive view of their marketing funnel. This integration enabled the brand to boost Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by 6 times, achieving a scale of 1.4 within just six months. The improved visibility and data-driven insights played a pivotal role in this remarkable success.

With EasyInsights
Budget Optimization Based on Qualified Leads: EasyInsights allowed the brand to optimize campaigns budget based on qualified leads, ensuring that budgets were directed towards campaigns and strategies that delivered the best results.
Unified Full Funnel Visibility: The integration provided a full-funnel view of campaigns by integrating Ad Platforms, Analytics and CRM. The unified data view enabled more accurate audience targeting, ensuring that marketing efforts were directed towards the most relevant segments, improving overall campaign effectiveness.
Without EasyInsights
Inefficient Budget Allocation: Without a comprehensive view, the brand struggled to allocate resources effectively, potentially resulting in wasted budget on under performing campaigns.
Data Silos Hindering Insights: Data from ad platforms, analytics, and CRM were isolated. Challenges such as inefficient budget allocation, ineffective targeting, and optimization difficulties were exacerbated by the presence of data silos.

Your Data, Your Way: Custom Models for Your Business

With EasyInsights, get on-request custom data models that suits your business. We can build any use case that can be powered by first party user data.