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How an EdTech company Boosted its Match Rates by 150% and Driven Personalization using EasyInsights Data Activation & Data Enrichment



Increased in ROAS


Increment in Ad match rate


Data sync frequency

Meet the Brand

India, Gurugram based Ed-Tech company committed to provide progressive livelihoods to youth from low-income background. They aim to create India's largest healthcare vocational training company which is focused on outcomes.

The Challenge

The marketing team faced three challenges:

  • Manual data syncing between CRM and Ad platform
  • Lower CAPI events match rate
  • Personalizing marketing campaigns

The Solution with EasyInsights

To overcome these challenges, The team turned to EasyInsights, a comprehensive data integration platform. The implementation involved enriching conversion events with additional first-party data, resulting in significant improvements across various key performance indicators.

Key Solutions:

Automated Data Enrichment:EasyInsights automated the data enrichment process, eliminating the need for manual syncing. This not only reduced errors but also improved the efficiency of data transfer between different platforms.

Enhanced Ad Match Rates: By utilizing EasyInsights to enrich conversion events with additional first-party data, ad match rates on Facebook increased by an impressive 150%. This improvement directly contributed to more precise targeting and increased engagement.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns: The team leveraged EasyInsights to sync conversion events to the Facebook conversion API. This allowed for a deeper integration of data, enabling the marketing team to create more personalized and targeted campaigns.

Retargeting and Audience Suppression: syncing conversion events to the Facebook conversion API, The team gained the capability to retarget and suppress audiences effectively. This strategic approach further optimized return on ad spend and increased overall campaign performance.

With EasyInsights
Automated Data Enrichment: This streamlined the transfer of data between CRM and the Ad platform, eliminating errors and significantly improving efficiency.
Enhanced Ad Match Rates: Ad match rates on Facebook saw a remarkable 150% increase as EasyInsights enriched conversion events with additional first-party data.
Retargeting and Audience Suppression: Synchronization with the Facebook conversion API empowered the team to optimize return on ad spend by ensuring that campaigns were directed towards the most relevant audiences, improving overall campaign performance.
Without EasyInsights
Manual Data Syncing: The team faced challenges in manual data syncing between the CRM and Ad platform, leading to inefficiencies and potential errors.
Lower CAPI Events Match Rate: The lower match rate of Conversion API (CAPI) affected the precision of campaign optimization, hindering the ability to adapt strategies based on timely insights.
Limited Retargeting and Audience Suppression:The team lacked the capability to implement efficient retargeting and audience suppression strategies.This limitation risked suboptimal allocation of resources, potentially impacting the return on ad spend and overall campaign performance.

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