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How an EdTech company Boosted its lead to conversion Rates by 200% using EasyInsights' Lead Scoring and Grading feature



Increased in Conversion rate

Meet the Brand

Started in 2016, is India's largest Edu-Tech platform, with over 40 million users per year. They are on a mission to bring quality education to every home in India, and they are focused on assisting aspirants in passing government job exams in India.

The Challenge

Diverse Lead Sources: The client received leads from various channels, making it challenging to prioritize efforts efficiently.

Resource Allocation: Limited resources demanded a strategic approach to allocate marketing and sales efforts effectively.

Conversion Bottlenecks: Identifying and addressing points of friction in the conversion funnel was crucial.

The Solution with EasyInsights

The solution lay in implementing a robust lead grading system that focused efforts on high-value prospects, resulting in a remarkable 200% increase in conversion rates.

Behavioral Analysis: Analyzing prospect behavior on the website, engagement with content, and response to communication enabled the identification of active and interested leads.

Demographic Scoring: Incorporating demographic data helped categorize leads based on industry relevance, company size, and geographical location.

Engagement Patterns: Tracking the prospect's engagement patterns across various touchpoints provided insights into their level of interest and readiness to convert.


Data Integration: The first step involved integrating data from various touchpoints, including the website, email campaigns, and social media, to create a comprehensive view of prospect interactions.

Lead Scoring Algorithm: A custom lead scoring algorithm was developed, assigning points based on specific behaviors, demographics, and engagement patterns. The algorithm was continuously refined through iterative testing.

CRM Integration: The lead grading system was seamlessly integrated into the existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to enable real-time visibility and accessibility for the sales team.


Focused Resource Allocation: The lead grading system allowed the client to allocate resources strategically, concentrating efforts on high-scoring leads with a higher likelihood of conversion.

Personalized Engagement: with insights from lead grading, the sales team tailored their communication and engagement strategies to align with the prospects' specific needs and interests.

Conversion Rate Surge: Over a six-month period, the B2B EdTech brand witnessed a staggering 200% increase in conversion rates, validating the effectiveness of the lead grading system.

With EasyInsights
Precision Prioritization: Behavioral analysis, demographic scoring, and engagement pattern recognition. Scores assigned based on prospect quality for targeted efforts.
Strategic Resource Allocation: Directed marketing and sales efforts towards high-scoring leads. Streamlined the conversion funnel, reducing friction.
Personalized Engagement: Insights from lead grading informed tailored communication.
Without EasyInsights
Challenges in Prioritization: Lack of a system to discern high-value prospects.
Resource Allocation Dilemma: Limited resources led to inefficient allocation. Unclear on leads with the most potential.
Generic Communication: Absence of insights led to a one-size-fits-all approach. Missed addressing specific needs and interests.

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