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How a leading FMCG brand used EasyInsights to improve performance using real-time blended data



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Meet the Brand

It is a leading cruelty and chemical free FMCG brand with MADE SAFE certified products. It was conceived with singular objective of enhancing well being and health by using best available ingredients which are gentle and still hard working. Brand is into beauty ,hair ,face ,body ,make-up and baby care products

The Challenge

Delayed Campaign Performance Visibility: The marketing team faced challenges with delayed visibility into campaign performances during peak days across all ad platforms. This delay hindered the team's ability to make timely and informed decisions, impacting overall campaign effectiveness.

Lack of Analytics-Ready Data: Data analysts were confronted with the absence of analytics-ready data. This limitation restricted their ability to conduct in-depth analysis and generate actionable insights, leading to potential gaps in understanding campaign dynamics.

The Solution with EasyInsights

Real-time Blended Data in the Data Warehouse: To overcome these challenges, the marketing team implemented a solution leveraging real-time blended data in the data warehouse. This approach involved consolidating data from various ad platforms into a unified, analytics-ready format, providing instantaneous insights into campaign performances.


Integration of Ad Platform Data: Data from diverse ad platforms was seamlessly integrated into the data warehouse in real-time. This integration ensured that the marketing team had a consolidated and up-to-the-minute view of campaign metrics.

Real-time Visibility Dashboard: A real-time visibility dashboard was created, providing the marketing team with instant access to crucial campaign performance data. This dashboard facilitated quick decision-making during peak days and allowed the team to identify trends and anomalies promptly.

Accessibility for Data Analysts: Data analysts gained access to analytics-ready data in real-time. This enabled them to perform in-depth analyses, uncover patterns, and generate actionable insights without the limitations of waiting for delayed or incomplete data.


Timely Decision-Making: The implementation of real-time blended data allowed the marketing team to make timely decisions during peak days. This ensured that adjustments could be made promptly to optimize campaign performance.

Improved Campaign Effectiveness: The real-time visibility dashboard empowered the marketing team to identify trends and capitalize on opportunities swiftly. This contributed to an overall improvement in campaign effectiveness, especially during critical periods.

Enhanced Data Analyst Productivity: Data analysts benefited from analytics-ready data in real-time, leading to increased productivity. They could conduct more comprehensive analyses, uncover actionable insights, and contribute significantly to refining campaign strategies.

With EasyInsights
Real-time Blended Data Integration: The integration process ensured real-time blending of data from various ad platforms into the data warehouse.
Real-time Visibility Dashboard: A real-time visibility dashboard, enabled quick decision-making during peak days, offering a comprehensive overview of campaign performances and identifying trends in real-time.
Seamless Accessibility for Data Analysts: This enhanced accessibility allowed data analysts to perform in-depth analyses promptly, contributing to the overall efficiency and productivity of the analytics team.
Without EasyInsights
Manual Reporting: It was time consuming and error prone and create delays in achieving real-time visibility, particularly during peak days, impacting the ability to make timely decisions.
Absence of Real-time Dashboard: The absence of a dedicated real-time dashboard required the team to rely on multiple platforms for performance monitoring. This approach hindered quick decision-making during peak days, as the team lacked a consolidated and immediate view of campaign performances.
Delayed Accessibility for Data Analysts: Data analysts faced challenges in obtaining analytics-ready data promptly. Without easy and quick access to real-time data, data analysts were limited in their ability to conduct timely analyses, potentially impacting the depth and quality of insights generated.

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