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How a leading FMCG brand used EasyInsights to improve performance using real-time blended data



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Meet the Brand

Meet one of the leading FMCG brands that's all about kindness to both you and the planet. With products certified by MADE SAFE, this brand is dedicated to enhancing well-being and health with ingredients that are not only effective but also gentle. From beauty and hair care to makeup and baby products, they've got it all covered.

The Challenge

Blindfolded During Busy Seasons: During peak sales periods, the marketing team struggled to get timely insights into campaign performance across different ad platforms. This delay meant they couldn't make informed decisions quickly, which adversely impacted their campaign effectiveness.

Data Limbo: Data analysts were frustrated by the lack of readily available and usable data. This limitation prevented them from conducting in-depth analyses and generating actionable insights, leading to gaps in the understanding of campaign dynamics.

The Solution with EasyInsights

Real-time Blended Data in the Data Warehouse: To overcome these challenges, the marketing team decided to leverage real-time blended data in the data warehouse. This involved merging data from various ad platforms into a single, easily analyzed format, providing immediate insights into campaign performance.


Seamless Integration: Data from different ad platforms flowed seamlessly into their data warehouse in real-time, giving the marketing team a unified and up-to-the-minute view of campaign metrics.

Updated Dashboards (in real-time): A user-friendly dashboard was created, providing the marketing team with instant access to critical campaign data. Now they can make quick decisions during peak seasons, identify trends, and address any issues promptly.

Empowering Analysts: Analysts got instant access to easy-to-use data, letting them dive deep into analysis, spot important trends, and generate actionable insights quickly, without the hassle of waiting for slow or incomplete data.


Timely & Informed Decision-Making: Real-time data enabled the marketing team to react quickly and adjust strategies during peak days, optimizing campaign performance.

Improvement in Campaign Effectiveness: The real-time visibility helped the brand to identify opportunities and capitalize on them swiftly, leading to a significant improvement in overall campaign effectiveness, especially during critical periods.

A Boost in Data Analysts' Productivity: With access to real-time data, analysts became more productive. They could delve deeper, uncover actionable insights, and contribute significantly to refining campaign strategies.

With EasyInsights
Integrating & Blending Data in Real-Time: The blending was performed by bringing together data from the brand's marketing platforms into the data warehouse. All in real-time.
Dashboards Updated in Real-Time: This dashboard enabled quick decision-making during peak days. Not only did it offer a holistic view of campaign performances, but also identified trends in real-time
Seamless Data Access for Data Analysts: This allowed data analysts to perform in-depth analyses promptly, thereby making the analytics team more efficient and productive
Without EasyInsights
Manual Reporting : This was time-consuming, error-prone, and most importantly, reports lacked real-time data. These delays, especially during peak hours meant a lack of timely intervention to optimise campaigns
Lack of a dedicated, real-time dashboard: This meant the team was unable to make quick decisions during peak days due to lack of consolidated, and immediate view of campaign performances on different ad platforms
Delay in data access for Data Analysts: Precious time was lost in making data analytics-ready. As a result of this, data analysts were unable to conduct timely analysis, which adversely affected the depth and quality of insights.

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