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Good Earth


Enchancing Acquisition Campaigns growth on larger AOV by optimizing quality users. Hi



Lift in transactions


More return on adspend (ROAS)


Increase in conversion quarter over


  • Goodearth, a unit of Eicher Group, is a renowned Luxury brand in Home Décor and Apparel space.
  • 10+ offline stores across India and delivers to all major cities globally and enjoy a loyal customer base.
  • Goodearth wanted to promote its ambitious online website alongside its existing outlets.


  • Goodearth was lacking a scalable infrastructure to collect, process, store, and visualize data.
  • They were suffering terribly to optimize the number of quality users.
  • Having a large ticket size, the ratio of spend by transaction was soaring high and they had no idea to bring this down.


  • In a Luxury segment like Goodearth optimizing for purchase might not be the best thing to do.
  • We checked the past data and ran correlation to derive a custom secondary metric which would best signify a quality user.
  • Identifying such users in their initial sessions gives an edge by showing customized ads which play an important role in their journey from Visitor to Customer.
  • Easyinsights has a built in Nomenclature handling capability as it assigns tags for different categories like- ad types, product type etc. for campaign monitoring irrespective of a inadequate nomenclature.



Goodearth's biggest business painpoint of Enchancing Acquisition Campaigns growth was solved by integrated dashboards customized via our flagship product


Ultimately resulted in 70% lift in transactions, 11% lift in return on adspend (ROAS) and 24% increase in conversion quarter over quarter.


Easyinsights boosts "quality" traffic that has high purchase power for Goodearth and conversions immensely.

"ET Medialabs helped us move through this process faster and more efficiently than if we’d done it all ourselves. We know our business well and ET knows theirs, so it’s been a partnership built on mutual benefit and respect from the beginning."

-Sanya Vij
Lead Digital | Good Earth

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