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How a prominent home appliances brand increased their revenue by 2x by identifying users online and offline activity

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Attribution Technology Used

Meet the Brand

The brand is the market leader in ecommerce for consumer durables using its expertise in BLDC motors and electronics. They are pioneer manufacturers of smart and energy-efficient home appliances.

The Challenge

The prominent home appliances brand faced a significant challenge as users often engaged with products online but made purchases offline . This fragmented customer journey created difficulties in understanding the true impact of their marketing efforts and allocating resources effectively.

The Solution with EasyInsights

EasyInsights seamlessly integrated data from online platforms, offline sales channels, and customer interactions. The key solution provided was Omnichannel Attribution, allowing the brand to identify users across both online and offline touchpoints.

The brand experienced a paradigm shift in its understanding of customer behavior. They could now identify touchpoints that significantly influenced the purchase decision, whether online or offline. This newfound clarity empowered the brand to optimize marketing strategies, allocate budgets more efficiently, and tailor campaigns to better resonate with their audience.

With EasyInsights
Unified Customer Journey Understanding: Omnichannel data integration provided a holistic view of the customer journey, enabling the brand to bridge the gap between online engagement and offline purchases.
Optimised budget allocation: Budget is directed towards channels and touchpoints that demonstrated a higher impact on driving both online engagement and offline purchases, maximizing the return on investment.
Without EasyInsights
Limited Understanding of Customer Behavior: No visibilty of online ads impact on offline conversions
Inefficient budget allocation: Budget have been directed towards less impactful touchpoints, resulting in inefficiencies in the overall marketing approach and sub-optimal ROI.

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