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How a prominent home appliances brand increased their revenue by 2x by identifying users online and offline activity

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Attribution Technology Used

Meet the Brand

This brand is a market leader in the E-Commerce domain for consumer durables. They are pioneers in BLDC motor manufacturing. this is wnhat makes their electronics smart, and energy-efficient

The Challenge

Consumers engaged with their products online, but made purchases in retail offline stores. This resulted in a fragmented customer journey. This fragmented customer journey created difficulties in understanding the true impact of their marketing efforts and allocating resources effectively.

The Solution with EasyInsights

EasyInsights Omnichannel Attribution offering was the key here. All data from online and offline marketing and sales channels was brought together alongwith customer interaction data. This was used to identify users across both online and offline touchpoints

The brand experienced a paradigm shift in its understanding of customer behavior. They could now identify touchpoints that significantly influenced the purchase decision, whether online or offline. With this treasure trove, they could make ads that worked better, allocate money smarter, and make campaigns that better resonate with people

With EasyInsights
Understanding Customer Journeys Better: EasyInsights created a reliable Customer 360 profile via Omnichannel Data Integration. Now the brand could see how customers move between online browsing and offline purchasing, making it easier to connect online ads to real-world purchases.
Nuanced Budget Allocation: By providing a holistic view of marketing attribution, EasyInsights helps decide where to spend money by identifying ads and touchpoints that bring in the most customers, and doubling down on them
Without EasyInsights
Limited Understanding of Customer Behavior: No visibility of how online ads impact offline conversions
Inefficient Marketing Budget Appropriation: due to a lack of attribution visibility, the budget might have been directed towards less impactful touchpoints. This meant money might go to ads that don't bring in customers, leading to sub-optimal ROI

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