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How Atomberg increased their Revenue by 2x by identifying users online and offline activity.

Stitched user journey beyond D2C website to offline retail and market places, to establish the impact of digital marketing on overall business growth





Increment in total orders


Reduction in CPP


Improvement in CAC

OmniChannel Attribution

Techonology used

Meet the Brand

A brand that has disrupted the most traditional category of consumer durables - ceiling fans. Atomberg is a pioneer in BLDC motor manufacturing which is what makes their electronics smart, and energy-efficient. Boosted by this success, they have now ventured into other consumer durable categories like mixer grinders and smart locks

ecommerce-offline-retail-presence smart-energy-efficient-consumer-durables

The Challenge

Atomberg used performance marketing in its initial phase leading to a breakout in sales. The next step now, was to scale their business. However, before doing that, it was necessary to quantify what impact the brand's paid marketing campaigns have had on sales. There were two avenues to consider -

  1. The website sales that were a direct result of online marketing campaigns on ad platforms like Google Search and Meta Ad.
  2. The positive impact that digital marketing campaigns created, which lead to offline sales.

The Strategy

  • 1

    Custom Attribution Model

    Capture a complete funnel journey (from click to purchase) by using a unique user ID to create a customised attribution model.

  • 2

    Enrich Online Campaigns with Offline Conversion Data

    Send all offline conversions back to ad platforms to enhance optimization and improve campaign performance.

  • 3

    Reports and Dashboards that give actionable insights

    Create dashboards based on the custom attribution model to generate deeper business insights that drive growth.

The Implementation

  • 1

    Understanding User Journey

    Before diving into the solution, let's first explore the user journey for this brand.

    understanding user journey
    This is a highly simplified version of the user journey. In reality, the user encounters multiple ads across various platforms (Meta, Google, etc.), makes several visits to the website, and views different product pages before deciding to purchase.
  • 2

    Custom Omnichannel Attribution

    All touchpoints of user interaction with the Atomberg website (visits, purchases, and/or warranty registrations), along with their timestamps, UTMs, and any other crucial information, were collected and the user journey was mapped to a unique ID (user ID).


    Utm parameter get captured via fist party pixel's server to server tracking

    Compaigns detailed and visitor unique details like browser id, IP etc captured

    Unique id of the users is generated by using

    El first party server side tracking pixel Browsed a few products

    Exited from the website

    Promotional email campaign sent to the visitor

    Visitor retumed to the website and returning visitor identified by First Party Pixel

    Visitor browsed a few product and decided to make the purchase

    Remarketing campaign brought the visitor back to the website.

    EasyInsights Pixel identified the returning visitors

    Visitor browsed a few product and made a purchase

    Customer information collected and stored in a CRM

    Customer visited the website again to write review to get some promotional offer, registering for warranty etc. using their email ids/phone numbers/unique links etc provided

    EasyInsight connect the offline and online journey here by using customers details, unique ids and provide the Omnichannel attribution journey to understand the impact of online ads on the offline journey.

    Data is then sent back to the ad platforms to optimise the campaigns

    Stitching the Journey from Online to Offline World - Using EasyInsights, Atomberg was able to capture the first touchpoint's timestamp and UTMs (First Click), as well as the last touchpoint's (pre-transaction) timestamp and UTMs for the user (Last Click). This enabled the seamless stitching of the journey from the online to the offline world.

  • 3

    Enrich Online Campaigns with Offline Conversion Data

    Atomberg, primarily driven by offline sales, has three times more offline conversion data (purchases) than online conversions. EasyInsights integrated offline conversion data as a custom event back into the panel used for campaign optimization. This integration enabled the campaigns to learn faster and more accurately, by helping identify a larger set of the target audience.

  • 4

    Reports and Dashboards that give actionable insights

    Based on omnichannel attribution data, several advanced data models were developed to provide actionable business insights for holistic growth of Atomberg:

    chartFirst Click Optimization Platforms, campaigns, and creatives that facilitated brand discovery were identified based on first clicks. This gave a fresh perspective compared to evaluating performance solely on last clicks. Budgets were then allocated to scale the campaigns that were most effective in brand discovery.

    face Cross-Category Sales In addition to fans, Atomberg offers products in other home appliance categories. Data analysis revealed inter-category sales influence between top categories (like fans) and smaller categories (like mixer grinders).

    sandAverage Sales Cycle Lag The time lag from initial brand discovery to final purchase and warranty registration was determined by calculating the average number of days a user takes from the first click to purchase and then the warranty registration. This information helped Atomberg allocate sufficient time for experiments before drawing conclusions.

    trendCorrelation of Top Funnel Events with Bottom Funnel Conversions For a brand driven primarily by offline sales, identifying top funnel events that strongly correlate with bottom funnel conversions is crucial. EasyInsights helped Atomberg establish this correlations between several top funnel events to determine which events actually contributed to bottom funnel conversions. This has become a regular experiment to continuously identify the top funnel event with the strongest conversion correlation.

  • 5

    Uncovering interesting insights

    Atomberg, primarily driven by offline sales, has three times more offline conversion data (purchases) than online conversions. EasyInsights integrated offline conversion data as a custom event back into the panel used for campaign optimization. This integration enabled the campaigns to learn faster and more accurately, by helping identify a larger set of the target audience.

    EasyInsights continually enhanced the depth of data and the resilience of the omnichannel data model month after month. Atomberg was now able to answer 2 crucial aspects:

    question-mark What proportion of customers return to the website to register the warranty after making a purchase?

    question-markWhat is the average duration between purchase and warranty registration for each customer?

    Table: Month on Month influence of online campaigns on total purchase(online+offline)


Atomberg was able to Identify (and Quantify) the impact online marketing campaigns had on sales across all channels (E-commerce and Retail stores). A marked improvement and confidence in ad spend was seen. This lead to a

  • checkmark55% improvement in CAC
  • checkmark79% increment in total orders
  • checkmarkRevenue increase by 2X

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