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How an Indian multinational paint company achieved 4X Growth in Quality Leads With 50% Reduced CAC

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Growth in Quality leads


Reduction on CAC

Meet the Brand

It is an Indian multinational paint company. Providing Home painting and decorative paint solutions

The Challenge

A prominent Indian paint brand sought to generate high-quality leads at scale for their Express Painting services across the country while ensuring profitability. The challenge lay in efficiently targeting potential customers and optimizing campaigns for Quality Lead quality rather than mere lead quantity.

The Solution with EasyInsights

EasyInsights offered a game-changing solution by implementing the Conversion API, enabling the seamless transfer of CRM offline data to the ad platform. This innovative approach allowed the brand to optimize their campaigns based on real-time data, prioritizing the acquisition of high-quality leads over volume.

The Conversion API integration facilitated the direct transmission of offline CRM data to the ad platform, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date view of customer interactions. By leveraging this valuable data, the paint brand could tailor their advertising strategies to attract leads with a higher likelihood of conversion.


The implementation of EasyInsights not only streamlined the lead generation process but also enabled the brand to create more personalized and targeted campaigns. As a result, the cost per acquisition decreased, and the overall efficiency of the lead generation efforts improved significantly.

With EasyInsights
Efficient Targeting: Through the Conversion API, EasyInsights seamlessly transferred CRM offline data to the ad platform, allowing for precise and efficient targeting.
Real-Time Data Optimization: This shift from quantity to quality lead generation became a game-changer, as the brand could now prioritize high-quality leads over sheer lead volume.
Comprehensive Customer View: The Conversion API facilitated the direct transmission of offline CRM data to the ad platform, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date view of customer interactions.
Cost-Effective Acquisition: The implementation of CAPI led to a significant decrease in the cost per acquisition. By focusing on high-quality leads, the marketing budget was spent more effectively, resulting in improved overall efficiency.
Without EasyInsights
Limited targeting precision: The brand faced challenges in efficiently targeting potential customers
Lack of Real-Time Optimization: The brand struggled to optimize campaigns in real-time.
Incomplete Customer Insights: The brand had an incomplete view of customer interactions.
Higher Cost per Acquisition: Without optimization capabilities, the brand experienced a higher cost per acquisition

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