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How a SaaS based design platform delivered personalised marketing to its userbase with EasyInsights' granular audience creator



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Meet the Brand

This brand helps people all over the world make and share designs easily. It's growing fast, with over 100 million users every month in 200 countries. They offer a free design tool but also have paid options. With a freemium approach, increased user engagement is pivotal for its strategy which is centred on product-led growth. That's why the brand prioritizes user experience, engagement and interaction. Therefore, it has made substantial investments in cultivating a data-driven culture.

The Challenge

With over 100 million users, the brand was on a mission to deliver personalised messages. The Growth Marketing and Data Engineering teams collaborated and identiofied 2 key challenges they were currently facing in driving personalised engagement -

Improving Data Integration with their Customer engagement Platform (CEP), Braze: The marketing team wanted to use more information from their warehouse, Snowflake's Customer 360 profiles in Braze. But getting this data into Braze was not easy - they had to manually tag things in Braze. But the data they wanted to use was already stored in their data warehouse

Building Advanced Audience Segments: Creating user segments based on their behaviour wasn't straightforward with their existing martech. With increased granularity in audience segments, things were becoming more complicated in the CEP. Finding a better way to do created granular user segments in Braze was crucial to achieve the goal of sending more personalized messages.

The Solution with EasyInsights

To increase data flow into the CEP, the brand's data engineering team evaluated building integrations in-house versus buying. They found that internal development took too long and maintenance wasn't ideal for their engineers. Plus it required significant effort and constant monitoring. Then came EasyInsights

EasyInsights provided all necessary connections for the brand from the start, minimizing data volume by syncing only what was essential - this approach not only saved costs but also simplified processes. The brand also appreciated EasyInsights' monitoring and alert features, essential for tracking sync performance, which can be challenging to maintain in-house.


Better Segmentation was achieved by utilising Warehouse as the Single Source of Truth: EasyInsights was used to sync key segments generated via SQL in Snowflake, back to the CEP. The process was straightforward and intuitive. Once the granular segment appeared in the CEP, then the growth marketers could strategise on how to do an A/B testing tio check the segment effectiveness

Using EasyInsights with Braze allowed the brand to optimize its messaging, resulting in a smoother and more targeted flow. Different segments based on user behaviour could be easily created, and sent emails curated specific to their behaviour

Upgrading Python Scripts for better Ad Platform Integration : As part of its efforts to personalize user experiences, the brand sendt tailored audience lists to Facebook Ads and Google Ads for retargeting. After successfully integrating with the CEP, the data team realized they could further enhance efficiency by using Easyinsights' automated Data Activation. Previously, the brand used an in-house Python script for reverse ETL with Facebook and Google Ads, but it lacked proper management and maintenance. Recognizing this, they turned to EasyInsights as a more suitable solution for this task.


Creating a Composable CDP: The brand was able to develop a Composable Customer Data Platform (CDP) using top-notch tools like Snowflake, EasyInsights, Fivetran, and dbt, which empowered lifecycle marketing teams with actionable insights.

Granularity in Segmentation: By leveraging EasyInsights to send additional data into CEP, the brand enhanced its segmentation capabilities, leading to more personalized communication with its vast user base of over a 100 million.

Benefit for Growth Marketers: They can now swiftly create intricate segments, saving considerable time compared to the previous weeks or months required.

Benefir for Data Analysts: Data engineers can trim Braze API expenses and focus more on extracting value, rather than investing weeks in building and maintaining integrations.

With EasyInsights
Granular Segment creation: The users were divided into several segments based on their behaviour, and easily transferred to the CEP for targetted messaging
Data Warehouse as Single Source of Truth: Snowflake 360 profiles were finally put to use. via EasyInsights, segments were created and sent to CEPs. The entire process was automated and in real-time
Improved Retargetting - by bringing together the response achieved via CEP campaigns, EasyInsights used its Data Activation feature to enhance Segment Granularity and transport those audiences to fb and Google Ads for efficent campaigns
Without EasyInsights
Lack of personalised marketing: Increased granularity in Segment creation made things more chaotic in Braze. In order to avoid that, all users were being sent common re-engagement content irrespoective of their polace in the customer journey
Unable to utilise Customer 360 Profiles - Connecting Snowflake Customer 360 Profiles to Braze CEP was difficult, and involved manual tagging
Lack of Streramlined Processes - Earlier Reverse ETL was used by Data team to send improved audiences to Fb and Google Ads. This required a lot of manual-houes and oversight to achieve.