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How an Ecommerce apparel brand increased the number of hero products by 3X, Increased revenue by 38% within 4 months



Increase in Revenue


Increase in ROAS


Increase in Order Volume within 3 months


Increase in New Customer Acquisition

Meet the Brand

The Client is an apparel brand for selling online custom shirts in India. Operating both online and in retail stores across India, the brand offers a diverse range of 500+ products.



List of challenges

Lack of product-level & category-level insights

The brand offers a wide range of products. However, there is a challenge in generating detailed insights at the product and category levels . As a result, they are unable to focus on their most profitable items.

Low page views on 250+ SKUs

Over 250 SKUs were less Discoverable products due to an uneven distribution of ad spend across the catalogue. There was a need to identify the right products to promote in catalogue ads on Meta and Google.

Inefficient budget allocation

The brand heavily relied on Meta for advertising. To increase order volume, it was necessary to explore additional platforms and allocate ad spend more efficiently across the product catalogue.

The Solution with EasyInsights

EasyInsights' Product Analytics offered detailed insights into the performance of each product and category.

1. Identified top-performing categories, such as White Shirts and Business Shirts, and tailored campaigns accordingly. For example, a catalogue-linked ad featuring only Business Shirts achieved a 38% higher ROAS compared to generic ads

2. Predicted the next best-selling products and promoted them on Meta and Google

3. Reduce wasted ad on the campaigns that attract users with higher RTO and Cancellation rate


EasyInsights's Customizable
Product Sets

EasyInsights's Product Set creation enabled the brand to promote highly convertible products with low visibility

This allowed the brand to allocate adequate ad spend to profitable products that had not gained enough traction due to limitations in Meta and Google ads algorithms.

As a result, these ads achieved a 61% higher ROAS compared to other catalogue ads without customizations.

Similarly, Performance Max campaigns on Google were developed to boost less discoverable categories such as Bottomwear, resulting in a 36% better ROAS than other Pmax campaigns.

Optimised Google

On the basis of EasyInsights' Product Analytics recommendation, the brand created Google Search campaigns to focus separately on Exact match and Phrase match keywords, resulting in a 17% increase in Impression Share.

Now the brand was able to set up an optimised Performance Max Ad using the Google Merchant Centre Feed to improve product visibility.

The Product titles were optimised by adding keywords related to occasions (such as formal/casual), colour, style, and fabric (like linen/denim).


The brand's website revenue increased by 38% within four months. Return on ad spend (ROAS) rose to 6x, marking significant success for a relatively new channel for the brand. Collectively, these ad strategies led to a 35% increase in new customer acquisition.

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