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How a Salon Brand reduced Cost Per Acquisition in Facebook Targetting with EasyInsights' Granular Audience Builder



Reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost/CAC


Customer Engagement

Meet the Brand

The brand, originally a pioneering color-focused salon in London, had expanded to multiple locations and a wholesale business by early 2020. However, with the onset of COVID-19 lockdowns and a slowdown in in-person business, they pivoted to offering direct-to-consumer hair color kits. This expansion required a robust data infrastructure to support their growing DTC operations.

The Challenge

Siloed Data Hinders Facebook Targeting:

The brand created detailed customer segments, but their CRM couldn't connect with Facebook Ads. Uploading data manually was tedious and time-consuming. They needed a way to automatically sync customer groups between their segmentation tool and Facebook for more targeted advertising.

Since they didn't want to switch CRM tools, they needed a way to automatically sync customer groups between their segmentation tool and Facebook Ads. With EasyInsights handling this directly from the database, they now have the freedom to send detailed lists to Facebook Ads, helping them improve their ad strategies.

The Solution with EasyInsights

The Data Bridge to Success: Previously, manual uploads occurred every two weeks, resulting in outdated audience and segmentation data in Facebook Ads. This lack of up-to-date information left the Growth team without the necessary data for their campaigns. EasyInsights became the data bridge, seamlessly syncing audience and segmentation data directly from their database (BigQuery) to Facebook Ads every 15 minutes, ensuring real-time updates. This eliminated outdated data issues that plagued their previous manual approach.

Benefits Beyond Facebook:
Segmentation: EasyInsights transformed their data warehouse into the single source of truth for segmentation. No longer limited by email provider data, they could now create segments using all available customer information.

Smooth Email Marketing Migration: The brand easily switched to a new email platform (Klaviyo) because EasyInsights already had the data warehouse set up as the central hub.


Smarter Product Recommendations: EasyInsights facilitated personalized product suggestions based on past purchases, boosting email engagement and sales.

Saved Time & Resources: EasyInsights consolidated audience management, saving a full workday each month. Teams gained self-service data access for effortless segment creation and performance assessment across campaigns.

Testing for Lookalike Audiences: EasyInsights provided a code-free way to quickly create and assess segment performance across various marketing campaigns on different ad platforms.

With EasyInsights
Updates data every 15 minutes automatically from BigQuery
Unified source using data warehouse
Smooth integration with Klaviyo during the switch
Saved an entire workday each month with centralized management
Without EasyInsights
Manual uploads every two weeks, leading to outdated data
Limited to email provider data, overlooking cross-channel data
Integration may have been more complex without EasyInsights
Management may have been more time-consuming and scattered