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For a Retail Brand, EasyInsights maximised ROI by bringing together POS and CRM data through efficient integration



Increment in Customer retention rate


Improvements in Inventory turnover rate


Increment in Customer satisfaction score

Meet the Brand

This is a medium-sized, omnichannel chain of electronics stores, selling a variety of products for over ten years. They had trouble managing customer interactions, analyzing sales data, and making operations smoother.

The Challenge

Their main issue was that their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and Point of Sale (POS) terminals didn't talk to each other. This caused problems managing data, understanding customer behavior, and making marketing strategies work better.

The Solution with EasyInsights

To fix this, they used EasyInsights, an advanced platform that established an accurate and reliable connection between the brand's CRM and POS terminals. The goal was to bring all customer data together, streamline communications, and generate actionable insights for better decision-making.


EasyInsights Integration: The brand connected EasyInsights to its existing CRM and POS systems via API. Now the data synced up in real-time. Now no more manual entry was required leading to error-free data entry

Unified Customer Profiles: By combining data from both CRM and POS, they now had a customer's purchase history, preferences, and all their interactions with the brand. Thus, it provided the brand a single unified view of their customer's journey

Automated Marketing: EasyInsights provided the brand with a unified customer profile. It also helped them create segments of these customers. With this combined data, the brand could send personalized promotions and discounts to customers automatically based on their position in the customer journey.

Inventory Management: With the accurate integration of POS data with CRM, it became easier to predict stock levels. this ensured the bestsellers were never out-of-stock, thereby fostering customer-brand loyalty.


Increase in Customer Loyalty: With better, targetted marketing and anticipating customer needs, the brand loyalty shot up. Repeat purchases increased by 34% and he tNet Promoter Score by 20%

Better and Smoother Operational Efficiency: Automating marketing and syncing up data made the day-to-day work easy, quick and error-free!

Sales Growth: Targeted marketing and better inventory management meant a positive impact on both average transaction value and overall revenue of the brand.

Improved ROI: Making sure that the CRM and POS were able to communicate was the key here. With EasyInsights reliably solving that, smart data-driven decisions became the norm. It increased the brand's ROI in a sustainable fashion

With EasyInsights
Customer retention rate increased to 80%
Time spent on manual tasks reduced by 50%, resulting in a 5-hour weekly savings.
Average monthly sales growth rate increased to 15%
ROI increased to 25%, reflecting a more than twofold improvement.
Conversion rate increased to 12%, showcasing a significant improvement in campaign effectiveness
Inventory turnover rate improved to 5, indicating better utilization of stock
Customer satisfaction scores rose to 90%
Without EasyInsights
Customer retention rate was at 60%
Manual data entry and processing took an average of 10 hours per week.
Average monthly sales growth rate was 8%
ROI was at 12%
Conversion rate for marketing campaigns stood at 5%
Inventory turnover rate was 3
Customer satisfaction scores averaged at 75%

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