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How a Leading Dubai based Ecommerce Brand Leverages Personalization to Boost Conversions by 400%



Boost in Conversions

Meet the Brand

It is a Dubai's premier ecommerce brand revolutionizing luxury home shopping through personalized experiences. Founded in 2015, the brand blends modern convenience with timeless elegance, offering curated collections of exquisite furniture and decor.

The Challenge

Limited Personalization: The brand struggled with limited personalization capabilities, hindering its ability to deliver targeted and relevant messaging to its diverse customer base.

Manual Segmentation: Manual segmentation processes resulted in time-consuming efforts and limited scalability, preventing the brand from effectively reaching its audience with tailored campaigns.

Low Conversion Rates: The lack of personalized communication led to suboptimal conversion rates, impacting the brand's overall marketing performance and revenue potential.

The Solution with EasyInsights

To address these challenges, the brand partnered with EasyInsights:


Advanced User Segmentation: EasyInsights provided advanced user segmentation capabilities, allowing the brand to segment its audience dynamically based on various attributes and behaviors, enabling personalized communication at scale.

Real-time Insights: EasyInsights offered real-time analytics and insights into campaign performance, empowering the brand to make data-driven decisions and optimize its marketing efforts continuously.

Automated Triggers: Leveraging EasyInsights' automation features, the brand automated campaign triggers based on user behavior, ensuring timely and relevant communication with its customers.


Significant Increase in Conversions: By implementing personalized campaigns powered by EasyInsights, the ecommerce brand achieved a remarkable increase in conversions, highlighting the effectiveness of personalized marketing strategies.

Enhanced Engagement: Personalized communication resonated better with customers, leading to increased engagement and interaction with the brand's marketing campaigns.

Improved Customer Experience: The brand's ability to deliver relevant and timely messages improved the overall customer experience, fostering stronger relationships and loyalty among its customer base.

With EasyInsights
Advanced User Segmentation: EasyInsights enables precise segmentation based on user behavior and preferences, allowing targeted campaigns for different customer segments.
Real-time Insights: EasyInsights provides instant visibility into campaign performance, allowing agile adjustments for optimal results in a fast-paced environment.
Automated Triggers: EasyInsights automates personalized communication based on user actions, enhancing engagement and conversion opportunities with timely messaging.
Without EasyInsights
Limited Personalization: The brand would continue to struggle with limited personalization capabilities, potentially leading to lower engagement and conversion rates.
Manual Segmentation Efforts: Without EasyInsights' advanced segmentation capabilities, the brand would rely on manual processes, resulting in time-consuming efforts and limited scalability.
Lack of Real-time Insights: Without access to real-time analytics provided by EasyInsights, the brand would lack the ability to optimize its marketing efforts effectively, potentially missing out on valuable opportunities to improve campaign performance.

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