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How a Cloud-Based design tool enhanced 10X Sales Productivity via EasyInsights' Customer 360 feature



Increase in Sales Productivity

360 Degree

Unified User & Account Profile

Meet the Brand

The brand is a cloud-based collaborative design tool, operating on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, which facilitates the entire design team's workflow. Operating on a freemium model, the brand allows UI/UX designers worldwide to begin using its platform for free, inviting colleagues to collaborate. As they utilize more features, users transition to paid plans.

The Challenge

As the transition to Paid Plans increased, the brand had to build an enterprise Sales team to maximise their revenue. A sales team was established, and as they worked, they came across the following issues that hindered the conversion from freemium to paid users

Identifying High-Potential Users: The Sales Ops team needed to pinpoint and prioritize freemium users likely to convert to paid users based on their product usage.

Establishing Unified Account View: The Sales team also wanted to create a Unified Account View of their clients. This would provide sales account executives with a 360� perspective of organizations to enhance their engagement efforts.

Creation of Customer Health Score: Utilizing product data, efforts were directed towards establishing a Customer Health Score to discern accounts with high potential or those at risk. this would help account executives to be proactive in their customer management strategies.

Integration Issues: Integrating different user, team, and organization models posed a challenge, making it difficult for Account Executives to grasp customer usage patterns within organizations.

The Solution with EasyInsights

Creating a Unified Account Hierarchy : With EasyInsights, the brand automated the creation of child accounts for new teams and organizations. These were linked to a parent account representing the company in Salesforce. This made it easier for individual reps to handle, with all relevant data centralized.

EasyInsights also helped integrate payment data from Stripe into the account structure. This meant that when customers paid via credit card, new opportunities were created automatically or existing ones were updated. Even if customers skipped the rep entirely, the process was seamless.

Prioritizing High-Value Accounts: To prioritize leads, the brand used third-party data from Clearbit to identify Fortune 500 users. However, they realized that relying solely on third-party data had limitations.

EasyInsights came to the rescue again, allowing the brand's sales team to include internal product usage data in their CRM, Salesforce. This gave a complete view of each user's engagement level, helping reps understand which accounts to focus on.

Scoring Leads and Accounts for Focus: The brand developed their own scoring models for leads and account health. These models used both internal and external data. EasyInsights made it easy to adjust these scoring models as needed. This ensured that reps always focused on the right accounts, even as strategies evolved.

Within Salesforce, EasyInsights helped automate lead routing to the right reps based on predefined criteria. It also generated reports for Account Managers to track account health and alerted team members about important customer events. This streamlined operations and kept everyone informed in real-time.


Streamlined Sales Process: By investing in a data-driven sales process powered by EasyInsights, the brand significantly boosted Sales team productivity and efficiency. This success allowed them to meet their sales targets and secure Series C financing within just a year.

Unified Data for Improved Operations: Leveraging EasyInsights, the brand implemented real-time sales forecasting from RedShift to Google Sheets, replacing manual daily updates. Additionally, utilizing usage data and existing data sync, the Marketing Ops team was able to deploy Marketo with a complete customer list and activities within days, eliminating the need for engineers or custom code.

With EasyInsights
Unified Account Management: Automated creation of account hierarchy simplified management
Integration of Payment Data: Seamless integration of payment data from Stripe helped Account Executives adjust their strategies as they approached Enterprises for opting paid plans
Prioritization of High-Value Accounts: Internal product usage data combined with third-party data to help Account Executives identify real opportunities
Streamlined Sales Operations: Automated lead routing, real-time reporting, and alerts
Without EasyInsights
Account Executives had a lack of visibility on the total number of users from each Company. It was manually updated on Salesforce - which lead to errors and was highly inefficient
The best possible strategy to convert freemium to paid users was always incomplete - Due to lack of payment data integration
The brand's Account Executive solely relied on third-party data from platforms like Clearbit to reach-out to enterprises. This approach was not data-driven, Lead prioritization could not be done, as product usage data was not attributed to these accounts, and therefore a complete picture of client's needs was lacking
Manual processes leading to delays and missed opportunities