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EasyInsights make it simple to centralise all your marketing and analytics data in
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Are you looking for a specific data source connector
but can't seem to find it?

Don't be concerned! Get in touch with us and we'll assist you in integrating your connector with EasyInsights


1. What if I didn't find my Data Connector?
No worries! We often build a new data connector. We will make it available for you. Fill the "Request a new connector form", and get in touch with us.
2. How long does it takes to integrate new connector?
We follow up the new request within two business days. It usually takes upto 6 weeks to integrate a new data connector. Due to platform requirements, it may take longer than usual. We will notify you of the precise timeline within a week of contacting us.
3. Where can I send the data after connecting it with EasyInsights?
You can send data to all the popular BI tools. Please see our Data Destination page for more detail.

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