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How ET MediaLabs creates Client Reports 3X faster & spends more time on Strategy



To prepare for client meeting vs 3 hours taken earlier


Time saved in reporting


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Meet the Brand

ET Medialabs is India's leading digital marketing agency working many e-commerce brands such as Nicobar. Monthly report cards and QBRs are done with the clients to showcase marketing outcomes.

The Challenge

Manual Data Export and Blending: Gathering desired business metrics involved exporting data from various platforms and manually blending it on Google Sheets, consuming valuable time.

Manual Weekly Reporting to CMO: Sending data insights snippets to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) every week was a time-intensive process done manually via email.

The Solution with EasyInsights

EasyInsights Analytics and Custom Dimension Feature: Utilized EasyInsights to access analytics metrics and leverage the custom dimension feature for seamless blending of cross-platform data. This eliminated the need for manual data export and blending on Google Sheets.

EasyInsights Email Module: Integrated EasyInsights' email module to automate the creation and delivery of well-designed HTML-based CMO dashboards. This streamlined the process of sharing insights, reducing manual efforts in sending weekly reports.


Data Blending with EasyInsights: ETML's team started using EasyInsights to access analytic metrics and custom dimensions, simplifying the process of creating cross-platform reports. This significantly reduced the time spent on manual data export and blending

Automated CMO Dashboards: Leveraged EasyInsights' email module to automate the creation of visually appealing HTML-based CMO dashboards. This ensured timely and accurate delivery of insights, eliminating the need for manual weekly reporting.


Increased Reporting Efficiency: The adoption of EasyInsights resulted in a threefold increase in reporting efficiency. The team could now generate client reports three times faster, saving valuable time for strategic planning and client engagement.

Automated CMO Reporting: The implementation of EasyInsights' email module facilitated the automated delivery of well-designed HTML-based CMO dashboards. This not only saved time but also enhanced the quality and consistency of the reports.

Client Base Expansion: With the removal of daily manual, time-consuming tasks, account managers found themselves able to handle a larger client portfolio. The number of clients managed by each account manager increased from 4 to 8, demonstrating the positive impact on scalability.

With EasyInsights
10+ clients per account manager.
Custom metrics and dimensions on cloud (workspace) removing dependency on formulae embedded on spreadsheets
Without EasyInsights
4 clients per account manager
Heavy usage of spreadsheet formulae which was difficult to handle

Your Data, Your Way: Custom Models for Your Business

With EasyInsights, get on-request custom data models that suits your business. We can build any use case that can be powered by first party user data.