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How ET MediaLabs creates Client Reports 3X
faster & spends more time on Strategy


To prepare for client
meeting vs 3 hours taken


Time saved in


facebook adwords google analytics

Meet ET Medialabs

ET Medialabs is India's leading digital marketing agency working many
e-commerce brands such as Nicobar.

Monthly report cards and QBRs are done with the clients
to showcase marketing outcomes.


The Challenge

To get desired business metrics like ROAS on Google sheets, lot
of manual effort and time goes into data export and
then data blending across platforms.

Sending data insights snippet to CMO via email is done
manually every week.

The Solution with EasyInsights

Using EasyInsights' Analytic metric and Custom dimension feature
solves the problem of creating blended cross-platform reports.

Using EasyInsights' email module, automated well designed HTML
based CMO dashboards are sent.

Without EasyInsights With EasyInsights
4 clients per account manager 10+ clients per account manager.
Heavy usage of spreadsheet formulae which was difficult to handle Custom metrics and dimensions on cloud (workspace) removing dependency on formulae embedded on spreadsheets
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