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A Comprehensive Guide to Customer Acquisition Costs

How Good Earth used EasyInsights to reduce
CAC by 40%


Reduction in cost
per acquisition

4 Hours

Per week reporting
time saved


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Meet Good Earth

Good Earth is a renowned Indian Luxury brand in Home Decor
and Apparel space.

Good Earth is expanding its online presence alongside its
existing outlets.


The Challenge

Good Earth's cumulative CAC wasn't going down and were unable
to arrive at any actionable.

Good Earth was accessing reports from single data sources i.e.
no cross-platform view.

The Solution with EasyInsights

Good Earth was able to discover campaigns with greater CAC
by using a cross-platform blended report that included data from Shopify,
Facebook Ads, and Google Ads.

Optimizing these high CAC campaigns reduced CAC by 40%.

Without EasyInsights With EasyInsights
Cumulative CAC Campaign level CAC visibility
Manual reporting Automated reporting saving 4+ hours every week.

"You can do little without data."



Digital Lead at GoodEarth

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