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How Good Earth reduced CAC by 40% using unified cross-platform analytics



Reduction in cost per acquisition

4 Hours

Per week reporting time saved

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Meet the Brand

Good Earth is a renowned Indian Luxury brand in Home Decor and Apparel space. Good Earth is expanding its online presence alongside its existing outlets.

The Challenge

Stagnant Cumulative CAC: Good Earth faced a significant challenge as its cumulative Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) showed no signs of improvement, raising concerns about the cost-effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Lack of Actionable Insights: The marketing team struggled to derive actionable insights from existing data sources, hindering their ability to identify specific campaigns or channels contributing to the stagnant CAC.

Single Data Source Reports: Reports were exclusively accessed from single data sources, resulting in a fragmented view of campaign performances and an inability to analyze cross-platform dynamics effectively.

The Solution with EasyInsights

To address these challenges, Good Earth adopted a cross-platform analysis approach.


Unified Cross-Platform Report: A cross-platform blended report was created, consolidating data from Shopify, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads. This report provided a holistic view of campaign performances across various platforms.

Identification of High CAC Campaigns: The unified report enabled the marketing team to identify specific campaigns with higher CAC, allowing for a more targeted approach to optimization.

In-Depth Analysis and Optimization: In-depth analysis was conducted on campaigns with greater CAC, and optimization strategies were implemented to enhance cost efficiency.

Continuous Monitoring and Adjustment: Continuous monitoring of campaign performances and real-time adjustments were made based on the insights derived from the cross-platform report.


Discovery of High CAC Campaigns: The cross-platform blended report allowed Good Earth to pinpoint campaigns with higher CAC, providing a detailed understanding of the specific areas contributing to the cost inefficiency.

Targeted Optimization: Armed with insights from the cross-platform analysis, the marketing team optimized campaigns by reallocating campaigns budget, and experimenting with LOCs.

Significant CAC Reduction: The optimization efforts resulted in a remarkable 40% reduction in CAC. By targeting and refining specific campaigns, Good Earth achieved greater cost efficiency and improved the overall return on ad spend.

With EasyInsights
Unified Cross-Platform Analysis: The cross-platform analysis provided a comprehensive view of campaign performances, offering valuable insights into CAC dynamics across different channels.
Automated Identification of High CAC Campaigns: The marketing team could quickly pinpoint areas for optimization, streamlining the decision-making process.
Real-time Monitoring and Adjustment: EasyInsights offered real-time monitoring features, allowing the marketing team to make timely adjustments based on the insights derived from the cross-platform report.
Without EasyInsights
Manual Cross-Platform Analysis Challenges: Good Earth faced challenges in manually consolidating data from Shopify, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads for cross-platform analysis. The manual process was time-consuming and error-prone.
Manual Identification of High CAC Campaigns: The marketing team had to manually identify campaigns with higher CAC, relying on disparate reports from individual platforms. This manual approach lead to delays in recognizing problematic campaigns and hinder the ability to respond promptly.
Lack of realtime monitoring: Real-time monitoring was limited as the team relied on manual processes and asynchronous reporting. The lack of real-time insights could impact the team's agility in making timely adjustments during critical periods.

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