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How John Jacobs used EasyInsights to increase
revenue by 3x


Increase in revenue


Drop in CAC on Facebook


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Meet John Jacobs

John Jacobs offers the trendiest eyewear for men and women,
who believe in making smart choices in life.

Their 180-degree product simulation feature enables you
to buy eyewear online without any hassles.


The Challenge

With only one attribution model(Last-click) to measure full-funnel
performance, they were facing challenges in scaling campaigns

Although Last-click attribution models were giving the right picture
of Bottom and Mid-funnel campaigns, it wasn't giving the proper
attribution to the Top of the funnel campaigns.

The Solution with EasyInsights

Fetched user-level data from ad platforms (FB, Adwords)
and Analytics platforms(GA)

Implemented the first-click attribution for analyzing
the top funnel campaigns

Without EasyInsights With EasyInsights
High CAC on Google Display Achieved 60% drop in CAC while maintaining the monthly revenue on Google Display
No visibility of customer journey Performed full-funnel blending at user-level data to get a full view of the customer journey
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