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How Mamaearth increased its revenue by 5x and reduced CAC by 15% using realtime attribution model.







Reduced CAC

Meet the Brand

Mamaearth is India's leading & fast growing skincare brand which intends to make lives of mums better and beautiful. There are peak days when the marketing budget is 20x than regular days.

The Challenge

The brand wanted a robust mechanism for realtime attribution for their customer data. They wanted to optimise their campaigns on realtime basis to reduce their ad wastages significantly, especially, at the time of Sale. The brand also wanted to automate reports which can replace manual reports that are inefficient, inaccurate and non feasible

The Solution with EasyInsights

EasyInsights provided a comprehensive solution by introducing real-time unbiased attribution for ad conversions. The platform built and shared centralized dashboards for robust monitoring and deeper insights into campaign performance. Additionally, EasyInsights automated daily reports to keep all stakeholders updated on key metrics, replacing the cumbersome manual reporting process.The system also included automated alerts to notify the team when key metrics deviated beyond predefined guardrails.

The real-time attribution mechanism allowed the brand to optimize campaigns dynamically, reducing ad wastages significantly, especially during critical sales periods. The centralized dashboards provided a unified view of campaign performance, enabling the brand to make informed decisions promptly. The automated daily reports streamlined communication and kept all stakeholders in the loop with key metrics, eliminating the need for manual reporting.

The introduction of automated alerts ensured that the brand's team received immediate notifications when key metrics exhibited abnormal behavior, allowing for swift intervention and course correction. This proactive approach further enhanced the brand's ability to maintain optimal campaign performance.

With EasyInsights
Real-Time Attribution Mechanism: This allowed them to track and attribute customer interactions with their campaigns instantly, providing a granular understanding of the impact of each marketing touchpoint.
Realtime Campaign Optimization: The brand optimize campaigns on a real-time basis, particularly during crucial sales periods. This dynamic optimization helped reduce ad wastages significantly by adjusting strategies promptly based on real-time data, ensuring that the advertising budget was used efficiently.
Automated Reports for Efficiency: An automated reporting system that replaced inefficient, inaccurate, and non-feasible manual reports. This not only saved time but also ensured that the reports were generated with precision and consistency, providing the brand with reliable insights for strategic decision-making.
Adaptability during Sales Peaks: During peak sales periods, EasyInsights allowed the brand to adapt their campaigns instantly. This adaptability was crucial in avoiding ad wastages and capitalizing on the heightened consumer interest, ensuring that the brand remained agile in response to market dynamics.
Efficient Resource Allocation: The real-time attribution and optimization capabilities of EasyInsights led to more efficient resource allocation. The brand could identify high-performing channels promptly and allocate resources where they generated the most impact, maximizing the return on investment.
Without EasyInsights
Delayed Attribution Insights: The lack of a real-time mechanism meant delays in understanding the effectiveness of marketing efforts, potentially leading to missed opportunities for optimization.
Delayed Campaign Strategies: The absence of real-time optimization resulted in potential ad wastages, especially during critical sales periods when consumer behavior and market dynamics changes rapidly.
Manual Reporting Inefficiencies: Without an automated reporting system, the brand had to rely on manual reports, which were inefficient, prone to inaccuracies, and non-feasible in terms of time and effort for realtime reporting.
Challenge in Adapting to Sales Peaks: During peak sales periods, the absence of real-time insights made it difficult to adjust strategies quickly, potentially leading to missed opportunities or inefficient allocation of resources.
Risk of Ad Wastages: The brand faced a higher risk of ad wastages due to the lack of real-time optimization and attribution. This risk could impact the overall efficiency of the advertising budget, potentially resulting in suboptimal ROAS.

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