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How the Minimalist used EasyInsights to achieve a phenomenal
decrement in their CPC and significant increment in their CTR




Link clicks


Decrease in cost-per-click

Meet The Minimalist

The Minimalist is a design and digital company with 3 core business areas:
Branding and Communication,
Interaction design,
Digital Marketing,

The branding and communication division collaborates with clients to
develop their brand strategy, marketing communication, and identity. The interaction design unit
is in charge of creating user-centric websites, apps, and other web-based products. The division
of digital marketing assists brands with social media marketing and online presence.

The company has worked with more than 200 clients to date, including
well-known Indian companies like Coca-Cola, Airtel, Practo, Minute Maid, IDFC, and MobiKwik.
On a worldwide scale, it has collaborated with organisations like News Corporation, Berkshire
Hathaway, Abbott, Dow, Cetelon, Cashmere Polo, and Hypertrack.io, among others.


The Challenge

Identifying top performing creative attributes,

The Solution with EasyInsights

Identified top 10 performing creatives and replicated the same.
This gives a significant jump in the ROI.

Identified the top attributes like colours, gender of the model,
solid or multi colour etc. that resonate with their user.
This increased their Link clicks significantly and decreased their
Cost Per Click remarkably.

Without EasyInsights With EasyInsights
Guess Working on building Creative ideas Eliminated guess work with ideas that actually work
Same creative attributes for all type of audience Different creative attributes for different targeting audiences. Attributes vary as per age, location etc.
Manual reporting was a bottleneck in the rapid testing of ideas Automated reports helped in rapid testing of ideas
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