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How the Minimalist used EasyInsights to achieve a phenomenal decrement in their CPC and significant increment in their CTR





Link clicks


Decrease in cost-per-click

Meet the Brand

The Minimalist is a design and digital company with 3 core business areas: Branding and Communication, Interaction design, Digital Marketing,

The branding and communication division collaborates with clients to develop their brand strategy, marketing communication, and identity. The interaction design unit is in charge of creating user-centric websites, apps, and other web-based products. The division of digital marketing assists brands with social media marketing and online presence.

The company has worked with more than 200 clients to date, including well-known Indian companies like Coca-Cola, Airtel, Practo, Minute Maid, IDFC, and MobiKwik. On a worldwide scale, it has collaborated with organisations like News Corporation, Berkshire Hathaway, Abbott, Dow, Cetelon, Cashmere Polo, and Hypertrack.io, among others.

The Challenge

Identifying Top Performing Creative Attributes: The Minimalist struggled to pinpoint the specific creative elements that resonated most with their audience, leading to challenges in optimizing their digital advertising strategy.

Low CTR: The existing campaigns were suffering from low Click-Through Rates, indicating a need for a more targeted and effective approach to engage the target audience.

The Solution with EasyInsights

Creative Replication: Utilized EasyInsights to analyze campaign performance data and identify the top 10 performing creatives. Replicated these high-performing creatives across various ad sets to capitalize on their success, resulting in a significant boost in Return on Investment (ROI).

Attribute Analysis: Leveraged EasyInsights to delve into the details of user interactions with ads. Identified key attributes such as colors, gender of the model, solid or multi-color designs, etc., that resonated with the audience. This granular understanding allowed for precise targeting in future campaigns.

Optimized Ad Copy and Design: Informed by EasyInsights' analysis, The Minimalist optimized ad copy and design based on the identified top attributes. This strategic refinement aimed to increase user engagement and relevance, leading to a significant increase in Link Clicks.

Decreased Cost Per Click (CPC): By leveraging insights from EasyInsights to refine targeting and creative elements, The Minimalist achieved a remarkable decrease in Cost Per Click. This optimization directly contributed to a more cost-effective advertising strategy.


Phenomenal Decrease in CPC: The Minimalist witnessed a significant decrement in their Cost Per Click, allowing them to achieve their advertising goals more efficiently and allocate budget more effectively.

Substantial Increment in CTR: The strategic replication of top-performing creatives and the targeted optimization of ad attributes led to a substantial increment in Click-Through Rates. Users were more engaged with the ads, resulting in higher interaction and conversion rates..

Improved ROI: The combination of decreased CPC and increased CTR resulted in a remarkable improvement in Return on Investment. The Minimalist achieved a more cost-effective and impactful digital advertising strategy.

With EasyInsights
Eliminated guess work with ideas that actually work
Different creative attributes for different targeting audiences. Attributes vary as per age, location etc.
Automated reports helped in rapid testing of ideas
Without EasyInsights
Guess Working on building Creative ideas
Same creative attributes for all type of audience
Manual reporting was a bottleneck in the rapid testing of ideas

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