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How the Unyscape used EasyInsights to create Single Source of Truth and accelerated its growth by 200%


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To do any conclusive ad-hoc analysis


Scaled using blended data


Campaigns for CAC and LTV.

Meet the Brand

Full-service digital agency serving clients globally. Major collaboration with clients Brand communication, Analytics and Insights, Search engine optimisation, Digital Advertising, Creative UI/UX etc.

With a team of 150+ professionals, working across SBU's & having expertise across various platforms and domains, they have delivered well over 500 digital solutions to clients worldwide. They have partnered with some of the most reputed brands in the world like Yahoo, Americana, Pfizer, Dominos, World of Play, Nikon, Bank of Baroda, and many more.

The Challenge

Identifying Top Performing Creative Attributes: The Minimalist struggled to pinpoint the specific creative elements that resonated most with their audience, leading to challenges in optimizing their digital advertising strategy.

Low CTR: The existing campaigns were suffering from low Click-Through Rates, indicating a need for a more targeted and effective approach to engage the target audience.

The Solution with EasyInsights

Automated Reporting Processes: Implemented EasyInsights to automate the reporting processes, eliminating manual efforts and ensuring that data is consistently up-to-date and accurate.

Transition to Google Data Studio: Leveraged EasyInsights to shift all dashboards to Google Data Studio, streamlining visualization and reporting. This allowed for a more user-friendly and interactive reporting environment.

Blended Data from Multiple Platforms: Utilized EasyInsights to blend data from advertising platforms, analytics platforms, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This integration created a Single Source of Truth, providing a unified view of performance metrics.

Comprehensive Team Adoption: The entire team embraced EasyInsights for all types of analysis, making it the go-to platform for reporting and decision-making. This comprehensive adoption ensured uniformity in data interpretation and strategic planning.

Shift to LTV and CAC Optimization: Empowered by EasyInsights' unified data, marketers at Unyscape began optimizing campaigns based on Lifetime Value (LTV) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). This shift in strategy contributed to enhanced targeting and resource allocation.


Growth Acceleration by 200%: Unyscape experienced a remarkable growth acceleration of 200% after implementing EasyInsights. The streamlined reporting processes and the creation of a Single Source of Truth contributed to informed decision-making and more effective campaign optimization.

Efficiency and Accuracy in Reporting: EasyInsights' automated reporting processes ensured that the entire team had access to real-time, accurate data, fostering efficiency in reporting and analysis.

Enhanced Campaign Optimization: The transition to optimizing campaigns based on LTV and CAC, facilitated by EasyInsights, led to a 2x acceleration in growth. Marketers could allocate resources more strategically, targeting audiences with higher lifetime value.

Improved Collaboration and Decision-Making: The centralized reporting environment and comprehensive team adoption of EasyInsights improved collaboration and decision-making across the organization. The entire team could work with a unified dataset, fostering a data-driven culture.

With EasyInsights
Blended data from all sources act as SOT
Automated data collection, transformation and integration with BI tool
Automatically refreshed automated reports in Google Data Studio
Zero coding requirement
Without EasyInsights
Data in Silos
Manual data collection and transformation, Excel-hell and custom scripts
No automated reports in Google Data Studio
Coding required for adding any new data source

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