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Limited Number of Ads on Facebook Ad Account? New Update coming in Feb’21

Piyush Gupta
Reading Time: 2 minutes
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For digital marketers monitoring the latest Facebook update to remain current with the developments from the popular SM platform, here is the big announcement.

What’s the update

Facebook will roll out a new ad limit enforcement starting February 2021 through summer 2021. The aim is to limit the number of ads that a marketer can run on an FB page. The spend size will be the main deciding factor in determining the number of ads you can run for a page.

How are you affected

Facebook ad volume limit might not be welcome for some advertisers, but most of them are unlikely to be affected by this development. Facebook will be introducing four limit tiers (Based on Highest Spending Month in the last 12 months) so that advertisers of different sizes can choose the right ad volume per Page that optimizes their performance. They are 

  • 250 Ads/Page for spends less than $100K
  • 1000 Ads/Page for spends in the range of $100k to $1Million
  • 5000 Ads/Page for spends in the range of $1 Million to $10 Million
  • 20,000 Ads/Page for spends more than $10 Million

The Ads Manager is the place to check when the ad limit will go into effect. More details are available in the Help Center. Also, you can view the ad limit for your pages on this link. 

How can you prepare for this update

According to Facebook, around 60 percent of ads on its platform are not reaching the relevant audience. The performance of each ad improves when it is repeated. That’s why Facebook recommends that advertisers should use different ad volumes to improve ad performance depending on their size.

It is no longer necessary for marketers to create large volumes of ads hoping that it would reach the targeted audience. According to Facebook, marketers can now personalize their ads using a machine learning-driven product and improve its performance.

Contrary to what most marketers believe, more ad volume does not guarantee performance. When an ad appears on the platform, the ads delivery system of Facebook activates the learning phase to identify the best people and the right places to showcase the ads. 

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