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GA4: New Predictive Capabilities in Google Analytics 4

Piyush Gupta
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Ever since its launch in 2019, Google Analytics App + Web is focused on refining predictive capabilities to provide deeper and accurate insights into customer behavior. The new Google Analytics update, announced recently, is a rebranding of the App + Web property and is a clear sign that it aims to go beyond Universal Analytics.

The most recent update on Google’s web analytics platform is now ready for use. Named Google Analytics 4, it includes:

  • Extended predictive insights
  • Enhanced integration with Google Ads
  • Superior data control
  • Cross-device measurement capabilities

More Predictive Powers

While AI-powered insights and predictions were already a part of the Google Analytics App + Web, the recent updates can automatically alert marketers to specific data trends. They can also use it for predicting valuable metrics, such as revenue potential and churn rates. Marketers can use these insights to anticipate customers’ actions and make the appropriate moves to drive sales and revenue.

Prevents Ad Retargeting

The updated predictive capabilities GA offers can help marketers create a list of the audience from the visitors across the web and their app. If a user performs an action on the web, and makes it to the audience list, and goes off the list when they complete a purchase within the app, the list gets updated automatically. The user is not targeted with ads again.

The new Analytics experience can give marketers a comprehensive view of how customers are engaging with their brand across channels and devices. Crucial actions can be tracked and measured on-site, and in-app in real-time. Compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations also becomes easy for advertisers with updated features.

Marketers can get a complete cross-channel view of the customer lifecycle, and use the data along with predictive marketing features to create more effective strategies.

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