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Top 8 Marketing Attribution Tools and Software for 2024

Piyush Gupta
Reading Time: 9 minutes
EasyInsights marketing attribution models

Struggling to track how your marketing efforts fuel your sales pipeline? You’re not alone. Only 17% of advertisers can holistically assess their digital channels’ performance, leaving the rest flying blind.
But fear not! Cracking the code of marketing attribution unlocks powerful insights to skyrocket your traffic and revenue.

While achieving this nirvana can be tricky, marketing attribution tools are your secret weapon. However, navigating the vast options can feel daunting.

Stop the overwhelm! We’ve curated a list of the best marketing attribution software and tools to help you.

What are marketing attribution tools and softwares?

Stuck in the dark about your marketing’s impact? Let attribution tools shine a light!

Marketing efforts can feel like throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something sticks. But what if you could know exactly which channels are bringing in clients, driving sales, and boosting your ROI?

Enter marketing attribution tools. These magic wands of the marketing world track how various interactions, from social media posts to email blasts, influence customers through their journey. They then assign “credit” to each touchpoint, revealing which ones truly contribute to conversions.

No more guesswork! With the right tool, you can answer burning questions like:

How does marketing attract clients? See which channels bring in the most leads.

Marketing = more sales? Track campaigns that convert leads into paying customers.

Waste no more! Identify ineffective campaigns and optimize your budget allocation.

Is marketing worth it? Calculate your return on marketing investment and see the real value.

Lifetime value heroes? Discover which activities create loyal, high-value customers.

Spend smarter, not harder! Know exactly where to invest your marketing dollars for maximum impact.

Ready to stop flying blind and unleash the power of data-driven marketing? Dive into the world of attribution tools and watch your marketing efforts shine! Read in detail about the marketing attribution models.

Why is marketing attribution software and tools important?

Ditch the Guesswork, Embrace Growth: Why Marketing Attribution Software Matters

Tired of throwing marketing darts in the dark? It’s time to shine a light on what truly works with marketing attribution software. Here’s why it’s your game-changer:

1. Unmask the Marketing Truth: No more mysteries! Quickly identify your rockstar channels and budget drainers. Spend smarter, allocating resources where they deliver the biggest impact.

2. Patience? Rewarded! Don’t despair over slow conversions. Discover how many touches your leads need before converting. Marketing Attribution software reveals the hidden journey your leads take, showing how many touches they need before buying. Prove your channel’s true ROI, even if engagement happens early or mid-funnel.

3. Data-Driven Decisions, Supercharged Results: Get insights that go beyond gut feelings. Discover which lead generation techniques truly drive ROI, allowing you to optimize your budget and fuel strategic marketing decisions.

Marketing attribution software isn’t just a tool, it’s a growth partner. Stop flying blind and start seeing the powerful impact of your marketing efforts. Ready to unlock the insights that lead to success?

2024’s Power Players: Top Marketing Attribution Tools to Rule Your ROI

Marketing in the data age is like navigating a jungle blindfolded. Enter marketing attribution tools, your machete slashing through confusion! But with so many options, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Fear not, marketing warriors! Here’s a guide to the top contenders for 2024:

  1. EasyInsights
  2. Adjust
  3. Adobe Analytics
  4. Appsflyer
  5. Google Attribution
  6. Hubspot Attribution
  7. Oktopost
  8. Onclusive

1. EasyInsights Marketing Attribution

EasyInsights - A composable CDP

Your Marketing GPS – Navigate the Customer Journey & Drive Revenue

Tired of marketing in the dark? EasyInsights unveils the entire customer journey, from anonymous visitor to loyal customer, using powerful first-party data. No more guessing which campaigns work – EasyInsights shows you exactly how each touchpoint influences sales.

Leads bursting with insights: Every visitor’s interactions with your marketing efforts, seamlessly integrated into your CRM. See which channels nurture the best leads.

Revenue beyond the click: Track how marketing drives sales, not just clicks. Use advanced multi-touch attribution to reveal the true ROI of each campaign.

Future-proof attribution: Forget third-party cookie woes. EasyInsights’ cutting-edge machine learning thrives on your own data, ensuring accurate results even as cookies crumble.

Allocate budget like a pro: Predict diminishing returns to optimize your spend. Stop pouring money into channels that don’t convert, and double down on what works.

EasyInsights isn’t just another attribution tool, it’s your marketing GPS. Navigate the customer journey with confidence, and watch your revenue soar.

The Complete Package: Why EasyInsights Wins

While other attribution tools might offer fragmented solutions, EasyInsights provides a comprehensive ecosystem encompassing single and multi-touch, omnichannel, data-driven, and marketing mix modelling, along with the power of predictive analytics. This holistic approach empowers you to:

Understand your customers truly: See the complete customer journey across all touchpoints.

Optimize marketing spend: Allocate resources to channels with the highest impact.

Predict and influence customer behavior: Proactively shape your marketing mix for success.

Make data-driven decisions: Turn insights into actionable strategies.

With EasyInsights, you’re not just navigating the attribution landscape, you’re conquering it. Ready to claim your marketing crown? Read more about marketing attribution models.

EasyInsights starts at $150 per month. Paying annually saves you 20%, and agency partners benefit from discounted rates.

Do you want more information about EasyInsights and the services we provide? Schedule a demo to see EasyInsights in action and learn how it can help you prove your marketing’s impact on revenue. 

2. Adjust

Adjust mobile app attribution model

With Adjust, you can leverage actionable data to grow your mobile app. Adjust is a platform for mobile attribution.

In contrast to many other tools, their platform has an anti-fraud mechanism in place to guarantee that your budget and data are secure and never misrepresented.

They have direct integrations with more than 2,000 advertising partners, making it simple to set up and begin collecting campaign data.

With Adjust’s volume-based, scalable pricing structure, you only have to pay as your business expands. You can begin using their free Base plan, which includes up to 1,500 monthly attributions, and there are no additional costs.

3. Adobe Analytics Marketing Attribution Solutions

adobe analytics marketing attribution

For individuals who have a strong attachment to the Adobe ecosystem and are determined to stay there, Adobe Analytics provides powerful integrated Attribution modelling capabilities that may be a compelling option. It offers a full range of features, such as sophisticated statistical analysis and machine learning capabilities, enabling teams to evaluate the success of their marketing campaigns and obtain accurate insights into the dynamics of the customer journey.

But, it’s important to remember that even though Adobe Analytics has excellent functionality, the cost of the programme reflects its extensive features. One must request a custom quote based on their unique traffic volumes and needs in order to receive pricing details. Using a tiered pricing structure based on monthly tracked visits, Adobe Analytics offers three different levels: Select, Prime, and Ultimate, each with its associated costs determined.

In summary, even though Adobe Analytics’ pricing structure suggests that it is positioned at the higher end of the market in terms of cost, it can nevertheless be a very useful tool for people who are invested in the Adobe ecosystem.

4. Appsflyer


Appsflyer appears to be a suitable option if your primary focus is on mobile applications.

Appsflyer is a mobile app attribution specialist that helps marketers link app installations to different digital touchpoints.

This tool helps with campaign optimisation by precisely assigning conversions to the various channels—app stores, Facebook, Google Ads, television, email, and organic traffic—that your product is advertised through.

Appsflyer uses a tiered pricing model that is based on the amount of tracked conversions that occur each month. They have three other plans: Cloud, Enterprise, and Premium, designed for businesses needing more conversion tracking capacity. Zero is their free plan, which covers up to 10,000 tracked conversions per month. You can get the cost of these plans by requesting a custom quote.

5. Google Analytics 4 Attribution


Google’s Attribution feature, which is still in beta, is a useful option for advertisers who frequently run campaigns on Google Ads. This is especially true for advertisers with limited budgets who are unable to investigate other attribution tools.

Google Attribution is a component of the Google Analytics ecosystem that provides more information about how well Google Ads are performing. It is important to remember that the Attribution feature may have a bias towards Google platforms because it is a Google product.

This tool, which is available to all advertisers at no additional cost, removes the manual complexity involved in conducting analyses of multi-click and multi-channel journeys and allows for a deeper understanding of them.

Notably, Google’s attribution models, while accessible to all Google Analytics users, may inherently lean towards favoring Google’s own ecosystem. For those seeking more advanced attribution features, the option of a Google Analytics 360 subscription is available, albeit at a cost that may be deemed as premium and less affordable for some businesses.

6. HubSpot Marketing Attribution

hubspot solutions

I’m sure most of you have heard of HubSpot. It is a pioneer in automated marketing and sales. However, it’s also causing a stir in the attribution field. 

By integrating your CRM and marketing data, HubSpot Analytics enables you to assign credit to various touchpoints at each phase of the customer journey. 

You can use its attribution reporting to determine which particular channels are generating more revenue and to help you make more informed decisions that will enhance your marketing effectiveness. 

The HubSpot Enterprise plan, which has a monthly starting price of $2,400, includes HubSpot Attribution.

7. Oktopost


For B2B marketers, Oktopost is a social media distribution and attribution platform.

It enhances your leads with the information it gathers and integrates with well-known marketing automation platforms like Marketo, Eloqua, and Act-On.

Thus you have two options: redirect your efforts or keep doing what is already effective.

You can monitor the performance of your campaigns overall and follow leads back to the original social media post they saw and interacted with.

Pricing for Oktopost’s plans is not made public, and each customer’s price is based on their unique needs. It is best to get in touch with Oktopost to find out the precise pricing.

8. Onclusive

marketing attribution software onclusive

Onclusive is for you if your business invests in public relations or is frequently featured in global publications.

A PR analytics and attribution tool called Onclusive helps you communicate your brand better to the world.

Rather than just tracking brand mentions, Onclusive gives you insight into the significance of those mentions and how to maximise and optimise your media mentions to increase your visibility.

This is the ideal tool if you want PR to function as a growth lever.

Depending on the number of users and feature level required, Onclusive offers a tiered pricing structure. Although they don’t publicly disclose prices, you should budget anywhere from £4,999 per month.

Why EasyInsights Wins?

This blog compared top marketing attribution tools, but did any truly take you by the hand and lead you to clarity? EasyInsights isn’t content with leaving you in the labyrinth. We’re your marketing GPS, guiding you every step of the way.

Why not settle for the best? Here’s what sets EasyInsights apart:

Complete Picture, Complete Power:

Go beyond single-touch: Understand the combined impact of every touchpoint, online and offline.

Omnichannel mastery: Track interactions across all channels, not just digital.

Data-driven insights: Forget industry models, get custom insights based on your unique data.

Marketing mix magic: See how channels work together to drive results, optimize budgets like a pro.

Future-proof attribution: Don’t fear cookie crumble, our machine learning thrives on your own data.

Predict success: Anticipate future behavior and proactively adjust your marketing mix.

Stop settling for fragments, get the complete picture. Choose EasyInsights.

Get started today! Schedule a demo to see EasyInsights in action and learn how it can help you prove your marketing’s true impact.

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