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Top Google and FB Digital Marketing Alternatives You Should Try to Scale Your Business

Piyush Gupta
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Top Google and FB Digital Marketing Alternatives You Should Try to Scale Your Business FI
Top Google and FB Digital Marketing Alternatives You Should Try to Scale Your Business FI

With the turn of the last decade, digital marketing has become indispensable to a business’s growth and existence. Most digital marketing campaigns have been limited to Google and Facebook. According to a survey, 43% of marketers spend their advertising budgets on Google and Facebook. 

However, being limited to these two platforms is risky and hampers brand safety. Looking for possible Google Facebook marketing alternatives is a must for any business that is aiming for scalability in 2020. Being on diverse sales channels ensures that a business can optimize its advertising campaigns by reaching its target audience via multiple platforms.

Alternatives to Google and Facebook Digital Marketing

There are multiple Google Facebook marketing alternatives on the web. Being on diverse digital marketing platforms can help a company increase its brand name awareness among its target audience. A quick look into the most popular alternatives will give a clear picture of the marketing potentials and possibilities on these platforms.


When it comes to B2B marketers, there is no other platform better than LinkedIn. With over 645 million users, it is one of the top alternatives to Google and Facebook, to retarget the audience and convert maximum possible leads. In fact, the conversion rates on LinkedIn are 3X higher than on any other digital marketing platform. LinkedIn has various advertising options including sponsored content, video ads, carousel ads, among several more.


As of 2019, Twitter has a staggering 330 million monthly active users. These users have a huge potential to turn into leads for small and medium businesses to use Twitter as one of its sales digital marketing platforms. In fact, according to a report, as many as 93% of Twitter users who follow SMB on twitter are likely to buy from these businesses. Moreover, if the target audience for a business is millennials, Twitter is the place to be.


Pinterest has over 300 million monthly active users. A study shows that as many as 93% of users use this sales channel to plan their purchases. It is also worth noting here that 66% of people are moved into making purchases after they have seen and engaged with the pins for a company. Thus, if a company’s advertising goals are driven by image marketing, Pinterest can be an interesting place to market its products and solutions. 

Microsoft Advertising

microsoft advertising
microsoft advertising

Microsoft Advertising runs ads on numerous multiple search platforms including Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. There are over 116 million daily users on this network. With the help of multiple ad products such as ad extensions, shared campaigns, and conversion tracking, a company can efficiently meet its share of advertising goals. 


For companies targeting a younger audience, Snapchat can be one of the most profitable Google Facebook marketing alternatives. Youngsters between the ages of 18 to 24 dominate the user pool of the platform. A business can choose one of the three ad goals on Snapchat, and work towards maximum possible conversion. 

Invest in Diverse Digital Marketing Platforms

It is time companies looked beyond Google and Facebook as their only digital marketing platforms. Every platform caters to a specific target group. For an optimized ROI, it is crucial that businesses establish themselves on these diverse platforms, and reach a larger audience group via its advertising goals. 

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