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5 tools that will help you rank #1 on Google Search

Piyush Gupta
Reading Time: 5 minutes
on google search

Every company and website owner fantasizes about becoming the top result on Google. The reasons are clear: reaching that high spot (or even one amongst the highest 3 spots) would mean increased traffic to your website, visibility, and also the potential for sales to catapult your business earlier than the competition. Unfortunately, high rankings seldom happen by accident. Even the foremost skilled and knowledgeable marketers struggle with obtaining the ranking spot. So, how can a regular business owner hope to achieve this feat? Here are some tools you can refer to:


It is a tool that will tell you how much traffic that site gets, backlinks, top pages, and the most popular keywords. Or you can put it in a keyword and it will tell you all the other keywords that you can end up ranking for that are popular. It also has a rank 1 potential feature and what this feature does is that when you are doing keyword research, you put in your domain and it tells you all the keywords that you have a shot for ranking on page one. They also analyze your site through the SEO analyzer and tells you all the error and which ones to fix first, second, and third based on the impact you can also create a project for free, put in the keywords you want to rank for and if you don’t have any it will suggest some for you. it will also tell you what to do every single week to improve your rankings. Ubersuggest provides features like Google Analytics, Webmaster & Sitemap, Dashboard, Campaign Management, SEO Management, Revenue Management, etc. 


With SEO a big part of rankings is branding. They prefer brands because they know brands are going to be less likely to create fake information or not give bad financial advice or bad health advice. So how do you create a brand? You got to get someone to keep coming back to your website. You can ask people for e-mail, but a lot of people don’t like giving their emails but with subscribers, it’s push notifications. When someone lands on your website, within the browser ask them if they want to subscribe, they just click a yes or no, and then you can send them notifications within your browser Kind of like how Facebook says through push notifications, ” Hey, it’s your friend’s birthday”. This will keep getting people back to your site so whenever you publish a blog post, you send out a push notification to the subscribers, and you get tons of traffic right then and there. That also helps you get more social shares and some of those people may even link to you. 

Google Search Console

Google Search Console provides Keyword Search, Keyword Tracking, Link Management, Rank Tracking, Link Analytics, and other such functionalities. It will show all the keywords on the page that drive traffic to your page. Look at all the keywords you included in that content and all the keywords you did not because even tho you’re getting traffic from some of these keywords and getting a lot of impressions but low clicks, sometimes it, ‘s because you didn’t, include that keyword in your title or meta description or on that page. Another thing you can checkout using this tool is looking at all the pages that you’re getting traffic from right now vs what the traffic used to be a year ago.

Answer the public

It acts like an autocomplete tool. It also shows you visualizations of what people are searching for with your keyword in it. It’s a great tool to see keyword opportunities in a visual format. Put in a keyword and it will show you all these other opportunities in a really beautiful way. As a result of the fact that many searches on Google are questions, it more clearly identifies the queries that people are asking. By responding to these queries, the public will inform you of the queries that you should be responding to in order to increase traffic. In this manner, you can attract millions of users, much like Quora.


BuzzSumo is a cloud-based platform that helps you discover the best engagement, content, and outreach opportunities across social and search.  It shows you what’s popular on Facebook and Pinterest and other social networks. If you’re going to create content, you want to get the shares. On these social networks, it’s getting harder and harder to get shares, but if you use Buzzsumo you can see what’s worked in popularity and what has not, don’t do the stuff that isn’t working, do the stuff that is working. Even for your competitors, you can put their domain name, see all their popular pages and use that to figure out what you should be doing as well.

Parting Advice:

There is no surefire way to rank first on Google. However, targeting the right keywords and audience can significantly increase your chances. Then create and promote a large amount of well-optimized content. Those top rankings may come much sooner than you think.SEO has evolved into a long-tail strategy. The goal is not to rank one keyword or even hundreds of thousands. The goal is to rank hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of keywords over time. And as long as this trend is consistently up and to the right, you are fine.

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