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High Ticket Affiliate Marketing: Limitations And Compensation Models

Piyush Gupta
Reading Time: 5 minutes
high ticket affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing for high-ticket products entails promoting affiliate products with substantial payments. Affiliate marketers use it to get more money from fewer purchases. Commissions on high-ticket items might range from USD 500 to USD 5000, depending on what you promote. 

Affiliate marketing is a partner-driven marketing strategy that exists in partnership marketing. Brands interact with prominent digital marketers with a large audience on their platform to push people to trust and influence their behavior through influencer marketing. 

When consumers pay a higher price for your product or service, they are usually more invested in it and more likely to succeed. As a result, high-ticket things benefit business owners. 

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What counts as high-ticket affiliate marketing? 

High-ticket affiliate marketing is straightforward and quick to get started with, but it may require you to first venture outside your comfort zone. 

High ticket affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn a good amount of money in a very short period. All you need is precise knowledge regarding the demand and market of the product you want to sell. Digital marketers use affiliate marketing as a strategy to generate more sales rather than relying on traffic, as these marketers receive high commissions for doing so. Affiliating products with a considerable value in the market is an excellent method used by affiliate marketers to earn good profits. 

Your earnings for this kind of marketing are generally based on the methods you use to broadcast the product and can fetch you a commission of at least $500; however, you need to master networking since developing good relations with people, especially those who can assist you in your ventures, is vital to your success. This is not a business model based on features and benefits but a networking business concept, which is all about the people rather than you, your product, or your opportunity.

Limitations of High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing 

  • Lower Conversion Rates: The target market for high-value products is relatively smaller. As a result, the conversion rate may be low when promoting or selling poor-value products. 
  • Possibility Of Scams: This marketing channel involves frauds and risks, and sometimes illicit as well. Before promoting or selling any product, you need to ensure its quality and ingenuity. Since scamming people is not a big deal these days. There are several cheats involved in this market, so research well before promoting anything. 
  • Restricted Competition: High affiliate marketing has less competition since most affiliate marketers opt to promote low-value products.
  • Temporary Customers: Building a sound and solid customer base will always remain a challenge in this marketing channel. Once the source of your product is revealed to the customers, it might be a little challenging to hold on to them since the next time they purchase the item, they will look for the direct source of the product, hence, eliminating your commission. 
  • Demands Time: High affiliate marketing is about generating traffic and selling various products online, which can sometimes be quite tedious. Before entering into the high affiliate marketing network, you require the skills of both salesmen and marketers. You are objectified to build a broad market for your product to attract customers. 
  • Limited Customers: Building a sound and solid customer base will always remain a challenge in this marketing channel, and you cannot track the customers. Keeping track of your campaign is tricky in this market; you cannot keep a definite record of the customers who are new to your product and do not know about your target audience willing to spend on the product. 
  • Developing The Dealer’s Business: Another fallout of this market is that you do not build your own business; you are just acting as a middleman for the dealer and the advertiser for their products to opt for a minimal commission out of it. Thus you won’t be able to sustain yourself in the long run with just affiliate marketing. 
  • Slow Payments: This marketing channel is slow in your payouts and could be irregular. Your commissions could take a lot of time to get to you, making you unwilling to invest your time and efforts in the market, making it less productive. 

Affiliate Compensation and High-Ticket Items: 

Several aspects of digital marketing, including affiliate marketing, use compensation or price schemes. Affiliate marketing’s success is typically predicated on performance, which implies that the desired action must be taken to deliver compensation.

According to the agreed-upon compensation plan, the commission will be paid only if the affiliate converts the visitors. Of course, there’s always the possibility that the affiliate won’t be able to convert the visitors, in which case the affiliate won’t be paid. 

  • Pay Per Sale (PPS): This is the most frequently used remuneration scheme. According to some estimates, over 80% of online affiliate programs use the PPS payout mechanism. The goal of an affiliate program that uses this type of payment reward is to increase sales through affiliate links. 
  • Pay Per Action (PPA): Even though this approach is less popular than the previous one, it outperforms all other affiliate marketing payment methods. The merchants pay each visitor’s affiliates who complete the desired action using the pay-per-action approach. 
  • Pay Per Click (PPC): This compensation model is a payment mechanism commonly used in search engine marketing (SEM), but it may also be applied to affiliate marketing. This paradigm aims to designate a link click as the intended action.
  • Pay By The Mile (PPM): Although the pay per mile or a thousand impressions are not as prevalent as it once was in affiliate marketing, certain merchants provide it through affiliate networks. It’s a different payment type than what’s usually associated with search engine marketing. 

Note: High-ticket products include electronic items, jewelry, marketing programs, software, heavy metals, bicycles, electric bicycles, and bike racks, furniture or home improvement products, digital cameras and camera accessories, art and statuary, drones and model aircrafts. 


It’s all about brainstorming and developing creative ways to get your products in front of customers with clever methods and practices to advertise the affiliate’s products in affiliatemarketing. If you have some digital marketing abilities and authority, you can join the affiliate networks above and start earning big commission rates.

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