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What to Expect from Google Analytics Certified Training

Piyush Gupta
Reading Time: 4 minutes

What to Expect from Google Analytics Certified Training? 

Digital marketing is created by the perfect balance of science and arts. Marketers must derive creative solutions for increasing user engagement with their published posts. Along with this, they must learn to research and validate their campaigns. A marketing metric uses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for measuring the success of a marketing campaign. 

This striking combination of creativity and science delivers a significant edge over competitors. Google Analytics Academy provides free courses for understanding Google Analytics. This platform helps you discover the important Google measurement tools that leverage marketing metrics to help you scale your business. 

What Is a Marketing Metric? 

Marketing metrics track the performance and estimate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. They help you in realizing which campaigns are making the most impact on your audience by noting how users engage with your published content. To track the impact of a campaign, firstly, you must note your business goal. Do you aim to increase your brand’s reach with this campaign or turn your viewers into customers? This will give you the right ground to track the metrics that suit your goal. 

Need for Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a freemium platform that comes with dozens of tools to track your marketing campaign. It gives you insights into the factors that decide the success of your campaign without pressuring your financial budget for marketing and sales. Check out the examples of types of reports listed below to get an idea of what Google Analytics allows you to see. 

  • Real-time: The real-time reports provide important details like page views per minute, top referrals, top social traffic, top active pages, top locations, and top keywords. 
  • Audience: Here, you can get a quick peek into the personality and demographics of your target audience. By checking the ‘User Explorer’ sub-category, you can see the number of sessions, bounce rate, revenue, transactions, and other details for every viewer.  
  • Acquisition: Get an overview of the mediums from which you get the most viewers. The section provides a detailed report on the viewers acquired from Google Ads, Search Console, Social Media, and Campaigns. 
  • Behaviour: You can track the entrances, % exit, bounce rate, and average time on each page of your website through this report. 

With these reports, you can get a clear idea about how your campaigns and efforts are working on the audience. 

Google Analytics Courses 

The Google Analytics Academy provides a comprehensive understanding of the platform through two free courses, as listed below. 

  • Google Analytics Basics: Beginners get an overview of the platform and learn to navigate it through this introductory course. It starts by teaching you the process of setting up a new account. Once the account is created, it explains how you can implement a tracking code for keeping a check on the performance of your website.

The course walks you through the process of setting data filters that only display the insights you need. It provides a thorough understanding of the Google Analytics interface and the types of reports available at your disposal. Overall, the Google Analytics basic course teaches you to measure the traffic on your website. 

  • Google Analytics Advanced: After you’re thorough with the concepts of the basic course, head on to explore the advanced functionalities of the platform. The first course shows you what the Analytics platform can do for you. However, the second course deep dives into the functioning of the platform for better understanding. 

The course shows you how the raw data from various sources is collected and created into structured reports. It will teach you to figure out and use the configurations that are important for your business. You will learn to utilize advanced marketing techniques like custom reports, channel reports, and audience reports by using segmentation. In the end, you will know to use strategies like remarketing that increase the conversion rates by showing ads to people who’ve already visited your website. 

Google Analytics Academy Course Content 

Get an overview of the course content in the list below. 

  • Google Analytics for Beginners: Introducing Google Analytics, Google Analytics Interface, Basic Reports, and Basic Campaign and Conversion Tracking. 
  • Advanced Google Analytics: Data Collection and Processing, Setting Up Data Collection and Configuration, Advanced Analysis Tools and techniques, and Advanced Marketing Tools, including marketing strategies like Dynamic Remarketing. 

Speed Up Your Sales with This Free Course  

You can track your online traffic and improve your paid ads by leveraging the insights provided by Google Analytics. All of this can be learned from the one-stop Google Analytics Academy. The courses are 100% free, and they encourage you to have hands-on experience with the Analytics interface. Get started today to supersede your competitors. 

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