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Asana Vs. Monday: A Quick Comparison

Piyush Gupta
Reading Time: 4 minutes
Copy of Asana vs Monday

With every project that comes into being, it becomes necessary to track the progress and the timelines. Apart from achieving the assigned goal, it becomes mandatory to record the team’s performance, its individual members, and their efficiency. Now imagine the troublesome task of tracking all this in sets of documents or emails. Project management tools are in demand precisely to beat this mundane task of maintaining these records. 

Given that you are here to know more about such tools, we have planned in advance to save you some time and put forth a quick comparison of 2 popular task management tools: Asana and Monday. 

So, what is Asana? 

Asana is a mobile and web application with a cloud base to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. It offers an easy interpretation of data through lists, calendars, charts, and Kanban boards. These presentation tools help track collaborations and manage tasks and workflows as well. Furthermore, communication tools are integrated into Asana to help teams collaborate with minimal diversion and confusion. 

Next, what is 

Monday is also a cloud-based web application best suited for medium-sized companies. It is a project management tool that packs in abundant features. One of the best features of this tool is that it accommodates everything on a single screen. 

As expected out of a task management tool, Monday allows its users to collaborate, communicate and project collective performance towards a common goal. It offers stepwise tracking and as many as 50 integrated features for an enhanced user experience. 

Asana vs. Monday 

Since you already know that both of these project management tools are amazing, let’s find out which one has the edge over the other. 

1. Task management: Before diving into other relevant details, the basic requirement is to create and assign tasks to the team. Let’s compare the essence of the 2 tools for this.

Asana Monday
In this, combined and individual task
management are quite simple and easy.
These tasks can also be made
dependent on each other and have
their own deadlines assigned. It tells
you about the tasks that have a due
date in the near future. Every team
member can view their respective
responsibilities in the ‘My Tasks’ section
and log efforts, documents to share
their results.
When it comes to Monday as a task
management tool, although this role is
handled similarly, it likes to call tasks
‘Pulses’. The reason is that every pulse
has its own status, team member,
progress bar and is accompanied by an
optional card view. Also, dependent
pulses can be easily marked as well.

2. User interface: To utilize all the amazing features offered by these tools, a user needs to be informed about them. But what if the interface is itself capable of communicating with the user?

With the availability of several in-built
tools at once, Asana is fun to work with
but requires time to be used efficiently.
On the other hand, Monday has a UI
that is appealing to the human eye with
selective colors and effects. Yet again, it
also has numerous in-built features that
can only be learned by investing
considerable time.

Therefore, it is safe to say that although having a steep learning curve among the 2, Monday is slightly preferred by new users for its competitive and beautiful interface.

3. Prices: Similar to their features, these project management tools have a competitive pricing structure as well. Let’s take a quick look below and understand it better.

For Asana as a task management tool:

Plan NameCost
Free Trial Version30 days
Basic VersionFree of cost
Premium Version$10.99 per user per month
Business Version$24.99 per user per month

For Monday as a project management tool:

Plan Name Cost
Free Trial Version15 days
Individual Version Free of cost
Basic Version$8 per user per month
Standard Version$10 per user per month
Pro Version$16 per user per month
Entreprise VersionPrices as per customer’s requirements from the

4. Analytics and reporting services: Along with the many features to manage tasks and activities, these task management tools also offer a quick guide to generating reports from the accumulated stats.

Asana Monday
These statistics are available for
visualization through Gantt charts,
Calendars, and even Kanban boards.
Here, everything is made available on a
single page. Although, it also offers the
same tools for better visibility of the
performance reports.


To be honest, there’s more to discuss with the functionalities offered by these management tools. However, we picked up the ones we thought would be of most value to you. Last but not the least, both of these are excellent choices to manage sales projects, marketing goals, and other departments. Do let us know which one you chose and how they helped achieve better tracking of your targets.

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