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Top 7 SEO Reporting Tools

Piyush Gupta
Reading Time: 5 minutes
Top seo tools

Preparing marketing strategies for brands and keeping up with the SEO guidelines for every single post is not cut out to be an easy task. With the constant influx of new content each day, it becomes difficult to keep up with the stats while keeping the other competitors at bay. Fortunately, various tools are available in the market to ease up this task. And to top it all off, there’s a need to track and manage the results coming from these marketing schemes! 

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Here are the top 7 SEO reporting tools that you or your agency should consider giving a try: 


It is a comprehensive SEO reporting tool that is well appreciated for competitive research. It provides relevant keyword research and several position tracking features. Some of them are locations report, project merge report, devices report, and also competitor discovery report with SERP. 

It is an easy-to-use tool that also offers to track SEO campaigns and integrate Google Search Console. This SEO toolkit is chargeable as follows: 

Pro plan: $119.95 per month 

Guru plan: $229.95 per month 

Business plan: $449.95 per month with a 7-day free trial of the tool. 

Growth bar

As expected out of an SEO tool, Growth Bar helps plan an effective marketing strategy for your brand. It provides hundreds of keywords along with near tail keywords, which relate to your primary campaign. You can also check the difficulty scores of target keywords. 

On the other hand, you’ll also be able to check the performance of your own business/brand. Growth Bar generates SEO insights and suggests how to make your strategy even better. With an attractive and easy-to-use SEO dashboard, this tool also helps in maintaining and presenting the performance report up until that point in time. 

Let’s look at the pricing for this one: 

For Standard plan: $29 per month 

For Pro plan: $79 per month 

For the Agency plan: $129 per month and a 5-day free trial too. 


Formerly known as SEOMoz, it is a SaaS (software as a service) business that has done well with its SEO tool. It provides a compact SEO tool kit that serves all the

requirements of digital marketers. Some of them are keyword suggestions, generating reports, and enriched searchable volume. 

You can explore several other integrated tools of Moz to generate on-page metrics, get better with link building, and closely watch over the results of your running or even past campaigns. 

As of now, it is a preferred choice of over 1 billion users. The plans for Moz run as follows: 

For standard plan: $99 per month 

For medium plan: $149 per month 

For Large plan: $249 per month 

For Premium plan: $599 per month 


It is yet another reliable SEO reporting tool that specialises in performing data analytics while flaunting several additional features. While it audits backlinks, it does that with a collective data set of 3 trillion URLs, 200 million root domains, and 12 trillion known links. Due to its vast reach and effective crawling capability, it ranks second only to Google. 

As you would expect, as an SEO tool it offers the analysis of your brand’s online performance and also talks about the areas of improvement. All in all, Ahref is a reputed SEO tool that charges as follows: 

For Lite plan: $99 per month 

For Standard plan: $179 per month 

For Advanced plan: $399 per month 

For Agency plan: $999 per month 

KW Finder

As the name suggests, its primary area of expertise is keyword research. After all, SEO is all about finding, placing, and promoting the right words. One of the best suggestions is about those keywords which can have high impact but have low difficulty scores. 

Now, that is an amazing hack coming from an SEO tool. But there’s more. It also suggests which set of difficult keywords need to be avoided. It also has the feature to run analysis on SEO pages and the backlinks generated. The wide collection of relatable keywords can be further filtered based on country, state, and region. 

For these incredible services, here are the pricing details: 

For Basic plan: $29 per month 

For Premium plan: $39 per month 

For Agency plan: $79 per month


This SEO tool has its expertise in identifying duplicate content on the internet. This scanner service is helpful from a brand’s perspective, ensuring that there isn’t any irrelevant data present on its site. 

The crawler offered by Siteliner is in line with the SEO standards of search engines and hence makes the tool rank among the best ones. It also has a power page feature as an analysis tool for the number of links associated with the page on the site. These commendable features are available in 2 packages. The free version offers a monthly analysis of 250 pages and the Premium package offers a monthly limit of 25000 pages. 

Rival IQ

This SEO reporting tool is capable of collecting data on your brand’s rivals, hence, the name Rival IQ. This tool offers precise results over keywords and also covers social media mentions of these keywords. 

Several businesses are using this tool to enhance and improve their presence on social media platforms and grow organically among their audience. Its prices are as follows: 

For tracking 5 competitors: $199 per month 

For tracking 10 competitors: $299 per month 

For tracking 30 competitors: $499 per month 

With the right tools, finding the most effective and relative SEO tools can feel like less of an overwhelming task. In a digitized age where businesses have shifted online, it becomes important to keep a track of your brand’s online presence and its performance. Visibility of your brand organically and authentically is the key aspect, and utilising the right tools which help you integrate, analyse and derive data is crucial.

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