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How to connect EasyInsights with Microsoft Power BI?

The majority of BI solutions provide connectivity to many APIs and databases. Microsoft Power BI is a widely used business intelligence tool, and PostgreSQL is a widely utilised database. The process of setting up a live connection between Microsoft Power BI Desktop and PostgreSQL has been described in this guide.

Please follow the steps to make a live connection between Microsoft Power BI and EasyInsights.

Step 1. Open Power BI desktop

Note: New users click on Get Started, then click on Add data from another source. Repeat users click on the Get Data on the top left navigation bar.

Step 2. In the dialog box, select ‘PostgreSQL database’ under the database option and click on ‘Connect’.

Step 3. In the next dialog box, enter the server IP and the database name.

Step 4. In the next dialog box, enter the username & password and click on Connect.


Step 5. Choose and load the table you desire to use from the Navigator dialog bar. If Power BI alerts you to encryption, select OK.

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