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How to connect EasyInsights with Tableau?

Tableau Desktop is the world’s leading business intelligence visualisation application, featuring numerous tools for analysing data records and information. It allows you to connect to various databases, such as PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift etc. The process of setting up a live connection between Tableau Desktop and PostgreSQL has been described in this guide.

Note: You might need to install the PostgreSQL aka Postgres database drivers. You can download drivers from

Please follow the steps to make a live connection between Tableau Server and EasyInsights.

Step 1: Open Tableau Desktop.

Step 2: Move your cursor to Connect to A Server.

Step 3: Select PostgreSQL.

Step 4. Enter the following information. This information is available on the data destination page. Link to the page.

host (or) IP address, port, database, username, and password. Click the Authenticate button.

Step 5: Click on the Sign In option.

Step 6: A live connection will be established between Tableau and PostgreSQL.

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