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EasyInsights – A Better Alternative to Funnel

Piyush Gupta
Reading Time: 7 minutes
EasyInsights vs Funnel

Whether you are a marketer managing an in-house marketing team or an agency of your own, you probably already know that running campaigns across different platforms and aggregating all of that data together can be an ultimate nightmare. 

When your marketing data is siloed across numerous platforms, it becomes impossible to attribute sales to a specific marketing campaign. Also, you don’t get a complete 360-degree view of your prospects and customers.

Fortunately, there are many tools available online like EasyInsights and Funnel that can help automate the data extraction and aggregation process. Let’s take a closer look at how these tools differ.

Key Differences – EasyInsights and Funnel

Webhook availability in EasyInsights

One of the key advantages of EasyInsights is its availability of webhooks. Webhooks are a way to automate data transfer between different applications. This means that EasyInsights can integrate with a wider range of tools than, which can be limited in terms of its integrations due to lack of webhooks. With webhooks, EasyInsights can receive data in real-time, allowing businesses to make decisions faster.

Integration with more BI tools

EasyInsights can be integrated with a larger number of BI tools than Funnel can only be integrated with BI tools i.e. Google Data Studio, Tableau and Power BI. While EasyInsights can be integrated with any BI tool. This means that businesses have more options when it comes to choosing the tools that work best for their needs. offers support for more than 500 connectors, but a majority of the data sources are labelled as custom, indicating that they were specifically created for individual customers. As a result, users may need to perform additional configurations to connect with these data sources.

For customers subscribed to the Plus and Enterprise plans, custom data connectors can be requested if their needs go beyond the current data exporting capabilities of

On the other hand, EasyInsights offers free integration of data sources and destinations with all of its plans. Users have the option to request integration with any desired data source or destination based on their specific needs.

Automated Insights in mailbox

EasyInsights offers the option to schedule hourly, daily, and weekly insights reports to be sent directly to a user’s mailbox. This is a convenient feature for busy professionals who don’t want to spend all day staring at a screen. 

EasyInsights monitoring and real time alerts feature is designed to provide you with real-time notifications via email whenever any of your metrics cross their limits. This means that you can stay on top of your game without having to constantly check your screen.

Speed and Consistency

Reports and Dashboards on BI tools get slow when connected to multiple data sources with larger date ranges. A notable advantage of EasyInsights is its option to select the date range for specific dashboards. 

EasyInsights provides data transformation options within its platform. This helps in analysing your data and getting deeper insights with no lag, and it enables a better reporting and dashboard experience for you and your clients.

Clear and Transparent Pricing

EasyInsights has a usage-based pricing model that is tailored to suit businesses of all sizes. This pricing model is transparent, making it easy for businesses to understand the costs associated with using the platform.

Schedule a 30-minute call with an EasyInsights sales representative to go over your data needs, business objectives, and to get a quote.

Client Command Center – For Agencies

EasyInsights’ Client Command Center is a valuable feature for agencies that work with multiple clients. The intuitive user interface provides a clear picture of how each client is performing, allowing agencies to make data-driven decisions and improve client results.

Save time by only checking clients with significant performance variation instead of individually reviewing all clients. This allows you to identify and focus on clients that need immediate attention, optimizing your time and resources while achieving better results.

1-Click Dashboards – For Agencies

EasyInsights’ 1-Click Dashboards feature is another useful tool for agencies. With this feature, agencies can create dashboards for one client and then replicate it with just one click for other clients. This saves time and resources, allowing agencies to focus on providing high-quality services to their clients.

Comparison Overview

Extracts dataYesYes
Transform DataTransform data to make it business readySlight slicing and dicing is available
Load – Data DestinationsAll BI tools like Google data studio, Tableau, Power BI etc. including Google sheetOnly Google Data Studio, Tableau and Power BI
WebhookWebhook makes the tool much flexible. With webhooks, EasyInsights can receive data in real-time, allowing businesses to make decisions faster.
Automated Insights at mailboxSchedule Hourly, Daily, Weekly report and get alert whenever any of your KPIs shoot off the limit. Stay on top of your game
Daily Summary ReportGet your business performance on your mail and whatsapp
Tracks complete user journeyGives you a complete picture of your users’ journey by blending ad platforms with analytics, CRM, and MMPs.
Cohort and incremental analyticsTalk deeper with your data by using Cohort and Incremental analytics
Customer SegmentationWe provide customer segmentation. This can be used as a better data signal to your ad platform. It also helps in growing your retention marketing.
Custom attribution modelingChoose attribution models that is needed for your business
Server to Server IntegrationMitigate the effects of privacy policies and send correct signals to your ad platform
Client Command CentreSee all your clients performance in a single dashboard. This is available for agencies.
1-Click DashboardsCreate dashboards for one client and then replicate it with just one click for other clients
SupportEmail, Chat and Call support availableEmail support available offers an efficient data collection solution that automatically extracts marketing data from marketing data sources, applies modifications, and transfers it to a visualisation platform, analytics tool, or data warehouse. has a large set of data transformation capabilities and its provision of managed data warehouse services, allowing clients to store their data securely. primarily offers basic data transformation capabilities. For more complex tasks, manual work or other data transformation tools may be necessary.

On the other hand, EasyInsights’ advanced data transformation engine streamlines and automates data transformation tasks, reducing teams’ workload by 80-100 hours per week. With hassle-free data processing, marketing teams can allocate more time and resources towards experimenting and developing effective marketing strategies and campaigns.

To experience the benefits of automated data transformation, book a consultation with an EasyInsights expert.

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Pricing provides two pricing options: one for marketers and another for marketing agencies. For marketers, there are three plan choices: Essential (starting at $400 per month, billed annually), Plus (starting at $1,100 per month, billed annually), and Enterprise (starting at $2,400 per month, billed annually).

Similarly, the Agency plans (Agency Small, Agency Medium, and Agency Large) have the same price points as the plans for marketers.

In addition, utilises Flexpoints, which are tokens that display available and used capabilities such as data sources, services, and destinations. Each plan comes with a predetermined number of Flexpoints that clients can utilise throughout the billing period. Unused points do not carry over to the next subscription period. If a client exceeds their available points, will charge for additional services.

EasyInsights is a comprehensive marketing analytics tool that provides end-to-end data extraction and aggregation from various marketing platforms. It generates detailed reports that offer a granular perspective of your brand’s overall marketing performance. The tool can efficiently import and combine data from multiple platforms, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, CRM tools, and Search Console.

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Pricing is flat and clear. It has been categorised into four slabs based on the “Time Horizon” and “Workspaces” to cater all businesses. Free, Starter, Expert and Professional with 0, $99, $399 and $599 respectively. Anyone can get started with EasyInsights for free with data from the last 3 days.

Agencies can contact the sales team to get the pricing. EasyInsights is lifetime free for one of the clients.

Migrating from to EasyInsights

The EasyInsights team strives to simplify the transition process and provides proactive assistance throughout the journey. The first step involves creating a new account on the EasyInsights platform.

Our team can facilitate a seamless migration of your data at no cost to you. With just a few clicks, we will safely and smoothly transfer your data to the new platform. To begin, simply request a free dashboard setup and our team will guide you through the process. For further information on our services, please visit EasyInsights.

To start, request a free dashboard setup. Our team will contact you to walk you through the process. Visit EasyInsights to learn more about our offerings.

In summary, the utility and business proposition offered by EasyInsights is such that it is able to cater to all businesses – marketing agencies, mid-market brands and enterprises. Its an easy to use platform (with a built in Google Sheet Add-On) and offers 24X7 support and maintenance

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