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EasyInsights for Seamless Server-to-Server Integration

Piyush Gupta
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Chaos. Chaos is the constant thing in the world, one part or the other always remains in chaos. In digital marketing, there is a big change happening which is sending the entire digital advertising industry into chaos. That is the iOS privacy policy changes and it’s ripple effects on campaigns performance. If you are able to relate to this chaos, this article is for your reading and then hopping onto the wagon to fight hard and try to ensure maximum returns from your marketing campaigns and efforts. 

Why You Should be Pivoting to Server-to-Server Now

With the current changes to the iOS 14 privacy policies, there is a huge uproar in the marketing world about how it is going to affect them and what steps should be taken by the advertisers in order to mitigate its impact on the campaign performance. 

The crux is that advertisers should start looking for server to server integrations in order to parse data from backend to the ad platforms so that campaigns can be optimised on them and the performance remains stable or improves.

Why Server-to-Server (S2S) integration is the right way – 

  • Pixel based data inaccuracies will increase and backend base tracking is ultimate source of truth
  • Leveraging the first party data (no limitations on this yet)
  • Advanced analytics and campaign strategies can be built which otherwise many advertisers miss

Challenges Involved in S2S Integration

While the S2S integration offers a lot of benefits, why aren’t everyone jumping onto this yet? Why is S2S integration not being spoken of in the market? Is it just a gimmick?

These are the kinds of questions that pop into your mind when you read about advantages of server to server integration. There are quiet challenges involved in implementing the integration and achieving the success that is desired. Major challenges faced by the advertisers are – 

  • Data engineering is complex and requires a team
  • Tech team/development team might feel overwhelmed as they have other priorities
  • Maintenance after the integration requires constant monitoring and support

In a nutshell, it becomes very expensive for the advertisers to implement S2S integration and even if they do, a lot of depth remains missing. 

Methods for Achieving S2S Integration

There are 3 primary ways in which S2S integration can be achieved by an advertiser namely – 

  • Using Conversions API
  • CAPI Direct integration through partners (Shopify/magento/woocommerce etc.)
  • Through platforms such as EasyInsights

We shall compare all 3 to see what are pros and cons of each. 

How EasyInsights can Help Advertisers

EasyInsights is a marketing data intelligence platform built for advertisers. It provides a bucket load of solutions to the digital advertisers basis of their requirements and one such solution offered by EI is Server to Server integrations. Through years of experience in data engineering and analytics, easyinsights becomes a preferred partner for achieving Server to Server integrations in the least amount of time possible and without high involvement of the tech team. 

Advantages of Using EasyInsights

  • EasyInsights will provide attributed data for server to server integrations so as to avoid multiple counting occuring to multiple touchpoints
    In a usual scenario, the user goes through multiple touch points before making the final conversion on the website/app. Thereby each platform tries to get credit for that conversion resulting in multiple counting. EI avoids this by attributing conversion to the right channel, and parsing channel specific conversion to each channel via S2S integration
  • A single source of truth for all the platforms hence, improving the data accuracy so that ad platforms optimization algorithms can function better
    Advancements in algorithms of FB and Google have enabled the advertisers to optimize for the end objective (Purchase/Leads etc.) as opposed to upper funnel metrics such as Add to carts, time spent etc.
    Having a single SOT for all channels will ensure that the events are getting the right and complete data thereby enabling the algorithms to work efficiently.
  • Possibility of building custom logics for each events which are to be parsed from CRM to ad platforms
  • Through EasyInsights, business metrics such as Acquisitions and quality leads can be parsed onto ad platforms thereby enabling campaign optimization on such events. This helps in achieving higher efficiencies across the campaigns 
  • Low involvement of tech team and fast implementation thereby saving both time and money
  • Availability of support over email for any challenges or advance integrations which are required to be in place

EasyInsights offers a lot of solutions in a single package thereby giving VFM returns right from day one. In order to learn more about EasyInsights.

If you are interested in getting an easyinsights demo, Book a demo now.

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