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Everything you need to know about Meta Advantage +

Khyati Agarwal
Reading Time: 8 minutes
Meta Advantage Plus

As many as 4.74 billion people are on social media as of 2022. If that’s not all, research finds that the typical working-age internet user spends more than two and a half hours daily on these platforms. This makes social media the best place to approach prospects and customers. 

And this is not lost on marketers. As of last year, companies spent a whopping US$ 173 billion on social media advertisements. And among the many social media platforms, Facebook reigns supreme for marketers. 


Why? Because Facebook offers an impressive 9.2% conversion rate. And after Facebook comes Instagram.

The reason why marketers favor these platforms has a lot to do with their integration with a powerful advertising tool – the Meta Advantage. This tool helps marketers target and optimize their advertising efforts to create a more personalized and rewarding buyer journey.

Meta understood its social media and advertising platforms’ ability to reach target groups early on and has since offered a wide array of products under the Meta Advantage suite. And most recently, their line-up has grown to include Meta Advantage+ products. 

So, what is Meta Advantage+? What does it offer? And most importantly, how is it different from Meta Advantage? Learn everything there is to know about this recent Meta offering here.

What is Meta Advantage+?

Meta Advantage+ is one of two products offered within the Meta Advantage suite. The other is Meta Advantage that allows you to enhance parts of your manual campaign. For instance, its detailed targeting option allows you to broaden your scope of targeting to improve your ad campaign’s performance. 

Meta Advantage+, on the other hand, is not limited to one aspect of your ad campaign. In fact, you can now automate your entire ad campaign from start to finish. And if you want the best of both worlds, i.e., a touch of automation rather than the entire deal, Meta Advantage+ can get you that as well. 

These new products allow you to limit automation to a core step of a manual ad campaign, such as placements or creatives. So, if you want to retain your manual ad campaigns but also want to skip certain tedious steps, it’s possible with Meta Advantage+. 

The defining feature of this automated ads product is that they use machine learning to simplify social media ads. This branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowers software applications to use previous data as input to forecast results using predictive analytics.

All Meta Advantage products work exclusively on Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network.

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The Benefits of Using Meta Advantage+

Meta Advantage+ allows marketers to streamline their marketing strategies. Here’s a look at its advantages (pun intended). 

Greater efficiency

With Meta Advantage+, you achieve greater efficiency in operations. By automating the ad campaign process, these tools allow you to focus your efforts on the big picture stuff and free your plate for activities that require your expertise. 

What’s more, they work to simplify decision-making, ad optimization, and ad creation with the ultimate aim of driving business performance.

Personalized Ads

Personalization is the key to a successful ad campaign. In fact, 71% of consumers expect personalization today. Meta Advantage+ helps you match your ads with the right customers at the right time. And this helps you stand out from the crowd and build a connection. 

Optimization of Marketing Efforts

Meta Advantage+ leverages AI to help you make the most of your marketing efforts. Their advanced capabilities help your ad campaigns gain better results and achieve improved numbers over time.  

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What Does Meta Advantage+ Include?

The Meta Advantage+ has the following offerings. Each leveraging machine learning to drive online ad campaigns. Here’s a look at each of these products and how they can help you meet marketing goals.

1. About Advantage+ Ad Placements 

Placements refer to where you choose to run your online ads. And since this can be a tedious process, Meta Advantage+ placements are a big help. Although to be fair, it’s not a new product. It was formerly known as ‘automatic placements’ and allowed Meta to select where your ads should be visible to drive impressions. 

You can find this option under the detailed targeting section in the ad set setting section.


While most would think that Facebook and Instagram news feeds are the best places to feature ads, in reality, there are over 25 placements where your ads could be shown. And Meta Advantage+ automates the selection of these placements for optimal reach. 

However, an important point to keep in mind is that engaging this product means giving up a degree of control on how your advertisements are shown. Each placement has a different configuration. 

The ad you make for Facebook’s news feed will require to be resized for Facebook Business Explore. But at the same time, running ads with Meta Advantage+ will expand your reach and prove cost-effective.

And so, the question ultimately boils down to the amount of control you’re willing to relinquish.

2. About Advantage+ Creative 

This product helps marketers improve the quality of online ads. Engaging this product allows Meta to enhance your ad to improve its performance. 

You can find this in the ad setup section under Standard enhancements. 


Once you upload the media, you’ll find a heavier list of enhancements available. For a beginner, it would look something like this. 


This Meta Advantage product offers four sections.

1. Standard Enhancements

  • Image/video enhancements
  • Adjusting image brightness and contrast
  • Applying artistic filters to static images
  • Varying aspect ratio for placements
  • Adding templates to a feed image
  • Ad unit enhancements
  • Adding labels.
  • Displaying relevant post comments
  • Testing text combinations.

2. Image Brightness and Contrast

Engaging Meta Advantage+ will allow Meta to adjust these values in order to drive ad performance.

3. Music

Meta can add music to the uploaded asset. While Meta can test and optimize this, marketers can also select a tune to add to their ad. 


4. 3D Animation

Meta will also be able to add 3D animation and depth to your uploaded asset to drive its performance.

Whether this is suitable for your online ad campaigns again comes down to the same question- how much control do you want to have over your creatives? If you want a quick fix to your ad campaigns, nothing does it quite like Meta Advantage+, but yes, at the price of you sitting back and letting it wave the wand. 

3. About Advantage+ App Campaigns

Meta Advantage+ sports two campaigns currently. One is for app downloads, and the other is to drive sales. We’ll come to the second one in the next section. 

Meta Advantage+ app campaign offers a set of pre-defined options that are designed to drive performance over a long period of time. Its machine-learning capabilities identify and apply new information to optimize app-focused ads across placements, creatives, and target audiences.

This product also offers the option to drive app installs with app events in the same campaign. Here’s what this brings to the table. 

  • Simplified app campaign set up with the ability to bulk-create ads
  • No limit on the number of creatives that can be uploaded
  • Efficient audience targeting allows you to select language, country, and app store
  • Allows you to use the lowest cost big strategy, with the choice to specify the top limit

4. About Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

These are wired to drive results from sales campaigns. Engaging this means allowing Meta to adjust everything, from the budget to ad creatives and placements, with the ultimate aim of increasing conversions.


In an interesting study conducted by Adlucent, this Meta Advantage+ product was able to help a brand achieve 46% lower cost per mille (CPM), 49% lower cost per order (CPO), 27% rise in conversion rates, and a 30% higher return on ad spend (ROAS).

These numbers are strong indicators of the power of Meta Advantage+ shopping campaigns. By streamlining every aspect of your sales campaign, it becomes an essential need for the modern marketer.

5. About Advantage+ Catalogue Ads

Previously known as dynamic ads, these Meta Advantage+ products leverage machine learning to scale ads when brands have a wide array of products. These ads showcase product ads based on the audience’s interests, actions, and intent.  

So, now marketers don’t need to create individual ads for all their offerings. They simply need to upload a catalog and create one campaign that drives sales based on personalized recommendations. Now, whenever a user shows interest in your offering, Meta will create an ad and deliver it to them. 


Naturally, this impressive capability only shines if you have a considerable number of products to showcase. Making individual ads for each will be time-consuming, costly, and frustrating. So, why not leave it to Meta?

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Supercharge Your Meta Advantage Ads with EasyInsights

Meta Advantage+ is a step up for marketers. By allowing you to automate the entire advertising campaign from start to finish, it enables a faster and more efficient rollout of marketing efforts. Meta Advantage+ harnesses the power of machine learning and AI to bring drive the success of your social media ads.

But as efficient as Meta Advantage+ is, a core need for all marketers is data insight. After all, data is what lights the way for a successful marketing strategy. Knowing what works and doesn’t work for your target group is essential to making the perfect social media ads. 

And, if you’re wondering where to begin, try EasyInsights. This intuitive and user-friendly platform is your answer to getting deeper insights and advanced analytics. Further, with a customizable dashboard, reports, and easy data analysis processes, it allows you to study insights the way you want to. 

So, take your marketing initiatives to new heights with valuable insights, and request a demo today!

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