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How The Whole Truth used EasyInsights to measure Product level P&L metrics



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Meet the Brand

The Whole Truth is a growing healthy snacking e-commerce brand from India. The company manufactures protein bars without added sugar, artificial sweetener, preservative, or flavoring and coloring agent.

The Challenge

Limited Visibility of Product Level P&L Metrics: existing ad platforms' data panels did not provide the necessary visibility into detailed Product Level Profit and Loss metrics, hindering strategic decision-making.

Product Category-Specific Campaigns: Many of The Whole Truth's paid campaigns were tailored to specific product categories, making it crucial to have a detailed understanding of the performance of each category.

The Solution with EasyInsights

Product Category Performance View: Utilized EasyInsights' grouping feature to create a specialized view that segmented performance metrics by product categories. This allowed for a detailed analysis of each category's contribution to the overall P&L.

Scheduled Data Snippets for CMO: EasyInsights to schedule and automatically send single-view data snippets via email to the CMO. These snippets provided a concise and focused overview of the Product Level P&L metrics, ensuring timely and relevant information for decision-making.


Grouping Feature for Detailed Analysis: Leveraged EasyInsights' grouping feature to organize and analyze performance metrics at the product category level. This created a streamlined and detailed view of the P&L metrics for each category.

Automated Email Reports: Configured EasyInsights to automatically generate and send single-view data snippets on a scheduled basis to the CMO. This ensured that the CMO received timely updates without the need for manual intervention.


Comprehensive Product Level P&L Metrics: EasyInsights' grouping feature provided The Whole Truth with a comprehensive view of Product Level Profit and Loss metrics, enabling the CMO to make informed decisions based on detailed category-wise performance.

Enhanced Visibility and Decision-Making: The automated email reports from EasyInsights gave the CMO consistent visibility into product category performance. This enhanced visibility empowered the CMO to make strategic decisions aligned with the performance of specific product categories.

Efficiency and Time Savings: By automating the reporting process, The Whole Truth saved valuable time and resources that would have been otherwise spent manually gathering and analyzing data. This efficiency allowed the team to focus on strategic initiatives.

With EasyInsights
Effortless Data Analysis: Seamlessly analyzed user-level data from various touchpoints in the marketing funnel with a user-friendly interface.
Holistic Customer Journey Understanding: Gained a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey, from awareness to conversion, through full-funnel blending at the user level.
Attribution Clarity: Implemented the first-click attribution model effortlessly, attributing conversion credit accurately to the initial touchpoints in the customer journey.
Optimized Resource Allocation: Made informed decisions on resource allocation, focusing on high-performing campaigns across all channels
Without EasyInsights
Tedious Data Analysis: Struggle with manual data analysis, spending significant time and effort to gather insights from disparate sources.
Limited Customer Journey Visibility: Lack a comprehensive view of the customer journey, making it difficult to identify key touchpoints and understand user behavior at each stage.
Attribution Ambiguity: Face challenges in implementing and understanding attribution models, leading to uncertainty about the true impact of various marketing campaigns.
Resource Allocation Guesswork: Rely on guesswork for resource allocation, potentially misallocate budget to campaigns that may not be contributing significantly to conversions.

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